Kitchen Cabinets In Apartments

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The most boring kitchens can probably be found in apartments. They usually have plain, white kitchens with dull wall-mounted cabinets. However, if you are allowed to do a little home improvement, then you might add a little apartment kitchen decorating to your list of what-to-dos.

Did you know that making your kitchen feel a little warm and cozy can be achieved by using distressed kitchen cabinets? Giving your cabinets an antique look will definitely add elegance and style to your whole kitchen. Distressing your kitchen cabinets is a simple task. If you know how to sand and paint, then you have the basic knowledge necessary in achieving this timeless look.

How To Distress Kitchen Cabinets

Distressing your kitchen cabinets is one of the great ways to upgrade the look of your kitchen. The look is rather easy to get. However, the steps you need to do might vary and it all depends whether the cabinet is already painted or not; or if there’s any cabinetry at all.

First, if your apartment do not have built-in kitchen cabinets, the best thing to do is to look for reclaimed kitchen cabinets. Reclaimed cabinets are usually sold at flea markets or second hand shops. Pick the ones that still have their doors intact, and do not have major problems with regards to construction. Don’t worry if the paint is already worn out; remember, your goal is getting that lovely, distressed look. If you are lucky, you won’t even need to progress to the successive steps.

If your apartment kitchen already has installed cabinetry, make sure that you are allowed to update its look, especially if you are just renting. Otherwise, you are free to do whatever you like. If that is the case, why not make your kitchen more interesting by doing what you want and feel. Surely, you will enjoy cooking and preparing food in a trendy kitchen.