Must Try Small Kitchen Decorating Tips Of 2017

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Size doesn’t always matter, especially if the kitchen is concerned. Sure enough, larger kitchens are almost always prettier because of all the space you can utilize and beautify. But the thing is, small ones can be just as eye-catching too, you just have to use your creativity. And besides, not everyone lives in a house with a big kitchen.  So, in the spirit of making do with what’s given, the following are some must try decorating tips on how to elevate the look of your small kitchen.

  • Add More Shelves
  • One wise way to maximize the space and also to show off your impressive collection of kitchen-related stuff is to add more shelves. Whether it’s on the upper part of your walls, corners or even right in front of your counter, having shelves can be very helpful. It will make the kitchen look bigger since you can display more stuff in it.


  • Play With White and Black
  • Bright colors such as white can make a space look bigger, darker hues like black on the other hand can make the area smaller. Play with these two to give your kitchen a monochromatic feel. Paint your walls with white to provide the space-expanding illusion. Give the other parts of your kitchen such as the cabinets, shelves, tables and even chairs the modern makeover by painting them with black. By doing this, you will be able to give your small kitchen an exciting chic look.


  • Install Utensil Racks and Other Wall Storage Tools
  • Another cool way you can maximize the space and place your best utensils on display is to put racks on your wall. Yes, it’s very restaurant-like. But it’s a good source of inspiration. Use racks for your utensils like the spatula and ladle. You can also use peg boards and magnets to hang other kitchen workers such as knives, chopping board and etc.