DIY Home Décor for Pets

Once you have pets, they cease to become animals and become more like a member of the family. Just as you would like to be comfortable in your home, so would they. For that reason alone, you need to go the extra mile to provide them with as much comfort as you can. Read below for some cool DIY ideas you can implement for your little furry friends. As an added tip, to keep your puppy or even full grown dog happy and healthy on the right doggy diet, we highly recommend you check out!!

  1. Cat Tree

Of course most people would think this is a waste of time and they would rather go for the cat houses or something else the cat can climb. However, time will be a small price to pay for a chic little Ikea tree that will not only save you money used on the cat house but will also make your little friend adorably happy; something that we all know is important to all pet owners. Besides, a little cat tree will also add some elegance to the house. Notably, the tree does not have to be necessarily inform of a tree, it can, but not strictly. For instance, you can make a perch, drawer-like trees, and Ikea trees which are by far the most attractive.

  1. DIY pet beds

Some pet beds are honestly so cute and can pass for a home décor anytime. There are several innovative ideas which you can use to provide your pet with a resting place, and at the same time add some chicness to your home. For instance, you can go with a dog bed made of a tire then color it well to blend in with your color theme. Not only will this be convenient but it will also be superbly stylish. Alternatively, you can just make any normal-sized pet bed, and concentrate more on the paint color and the strategic positioning.

  1. Bed junk projects

This is quite a familiar name to almost all pet lovers and owners. Admittedly, bed junks can be hard to pull through, but the end result is always incredible. Having one of these just next to the entrance to the house will have your visitor asking questions and needing help with their own, not just for their pets but also for the elegance of their houses. If you are green on this topic, you can always check tutorials.

Keeping Your Hardwood Floor Shiny

Besides being strong and durable, hardwood floors are also gorgeous and when cleaned well give a room a perfect shiny glow. Furthermore, hardwood flows are pretty easy to maintain, and they attract less dust. However, getting them to keep the sheen can sometimes become tricky, and without the glow, they seem to lose their charm. Use the following tips to you maintain the glow and keep your floor beautiful

  1. Dust the floor before mopping

Dust and other dirt residue prevent the floor from glowing. The effect is even worse if you decide to wipe the floor without getting rid of the dust. For this reason, you should always sweep first before mopping to get a perfectly shining floor. While sweeping ensure what you are using will not damage the floor finishing; you can use a dust mop.

  • Use Buffer after mopping

To give your floor the perfect glow, there are steps that you need to follow. The first one as said, is to sweep or dust the floor, secondly is to mop it, then the last step is to buff the floor. You can use a floor buffer or microfiber cloth; either of which will give you perfect results and your floor will glow.

  • Regular refinishing of the Hardwood

The finishing that is used on the hardwood that gives it the glow is not permanent. Therefore, depending on the traffic on the floor, the finishing will slowly wear out, and when it does, the floor will hardly shine. So, if you have been trying to keep your floor shiny, to no avail, then the finishing might be worn, and therefore, you should consider refinishing it.

  • Do not over wax your floor

Even though waxing is essential and it preserves the floor, too much of it will give undesired results. Frequent waxing of the floor dulls the wood’s finishing, making it hard to get it to shine. If you have to wax your floor then do it ones a year, or if too much then twice. However, if you are used to frequent waxing and the damage is already done, you can use commercial products or simply vinegar, to strip off the wax.

  • Keep shoes off the floor

Shoes quicken the wearing off the hardwood finishing, and the more the finishing wears out, the less easier it becomes to make it shine. For this reason, you can avoid walking on the floor with shoes. Set a shoe rack by the door and make your kids or friends place their shoes there instead of getting in the house with them.

Carpet Types

Carpets are actually more important than we may think. Besides being a home décor, carpets also act as sound blockers, they are soft and prevent the chills which you get whenever you step on a cold floor especially in the morning. So, are you having trouble deciding which type of carpet you should have for your house? This article discusses the major types of carpets basing on how and what they are made of, and which places they are best used in.

  1. Tufted Carpet

Tufted carpets are made by inserting tufts of yarns through a fabric backing using a tufting machine. The construction of tufted carpets is not very advanced, and therefore its shedding off is very easy and quick. For this reason, tufted carpets are best used in parts of the house where there is less traffic. These carpets are usually very cheap since their production is quick and they are not very durable.

  • Woven Carpet

Woven carpets, just as the name suggests are woven from coir, jute, coconut wood sisal or wool. Their production process is usually very demanding and time-consuming, but the outcome is generally worth it, and they give the room a majestic look. You can use woven carpets in your bedroom or in the living room to get a classy and sophisticated look. Because of their high durability and their high-end quality, woven carpets are pretty expensive.

  • Hooked carpet

Most, if not all hooked rugs are usually hand-made and they are very simple and so is their production process. Usually, hooked carpets have some regular patterns or art form, and if you love art, then you can use them on the wall or on some part of the floor to bring out a sense of creativity. These carpets are made by pulling cotton or wool strings through meshes of a strong fabric.Because of their less detailed production process, the carpets are less expensive, and they are not very durable.

  • Needle felt carpet

Compared to other carpets, this is the most expensive. This is because of its technological manufacturing process. It is made based on electrostatic attraction between fibers that join together to create a perfect looking carpet. You can use this carpet in your classy living room to create an exotic look. Also, this type of carpet is, most of the time used in hotels or restaurants. It is highly durable and high quality hence very expensive, but worth it.

Saving Space on Storage

You will have a lot of stuff you need to store properly in your house. Lack of a proper storage plan will make your spaces look cramped and disorganized. Organized storage will ensure you are able to use the available space properly, and your spaces look neat at all times.

Whether it is in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen you need a storage plan for the stuff that is there. For instance, you need proper storage for books in your living room, just like you need one for cookware in the kitchen as well. Below are 3 top storage solutions that always work in all spaces.

Cupboards and Cabinets

Cupboards and cabinets are an ideal storage solution for any room. They work perfectly in the living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. You just have to get the right piece for the right room. Many of the pieces will have drawers in which you can store tiny items.

These cabinets and cupboards will also add up as decorative pieces to your space. Get well-crafted and colored pieces that will spice up your spaces. Check out the different options for cabinets and cupboards that are available on Wayfair.


If space is very limited, shelves are always a great solution. Shelves create storage away from the floor, allowing more floor space. Whether it’s your cookware in the kitchen, or it’s your cosmetics in the bedroom, shelves will allow you to keep your stuff organized.

You can purchase the shelves on Wayfair, but you will need a carpenter to install them for you if you can’t do it on your own. Shelves are a great way of displaying picture frames and paintings on your walls as well. They will also safely hold any 3D decorations that you may want on your walls.


Baskets are a great way of keeping random items organized. Many are times you will have stuff that you are not using but not willing to throw them away in the house. Baskets are a great way of storing the stuff safely. The baskets will ensure the stuff is removed to clear space, but it remains in good condition.

It is advisable to have all the stuff in your storage room put in labelled baskets. You will be able to find something easily when you need it later. Wayfair has many kinds of baskets. There are plastics and woven baskets. You can get either depending on what you want to put in them. 

Sewing Machines Plus – Sew Your Own Curtains and More

Have you always wanted to give a personal touch to something, perhaps your curtains, but you can’t because you lack the right equipment? Well, this should no longer be a worry since Sewing Machines Plus offers a wide range of sewing equipment and any other requirement you may need in order to give your home the personal touch you desire.

Sewing Machines Plus is an online nationwide retailer company that provides all the requirements when it comes to sewing. It is a family-owned company with its Headquarters in San Marcos, California, and it was started in 2000 by Ron Martin.

When Sewing Machines Plus started, it was just a mere showroom. However, over time it has expanded into the number one online sewing machine retailer, and it has grown to more than 10, 000 Sq. Ft sales floor. Some of the categories of products sold by Sewing Machine Plus are embroidery software, embroidery designs, sewing accessories, quilting notions among others. It also sells books and CD’s that provide detailed guidelines on topics related to sewing

The goods offered by the Sewing Machines Plus are of high quality and at affordable prices. The company’s employees, especially those in the sales team are committed to meeting customer needs and satisfaction, and this is among the various success factors in the company. Their readily available customer care service has won them many loyal customers.

About shipping and delivery of goods, the company has not yet gone multinational, and therefore, they only work within the United States and Canada. Most of the orders done by customers are usually shipped on the same day and delivered within 3-7 days.

Orders to Canada are charged a small fee, and the customer is also expected to pay a few taxes. However, goods above $49 ordered within the United States are shipped for free.

When you purchase a product with SMP, you receive a free manual/guide of how to use it. We must agree that this cannot give you complete training on sewing, but at least it can help you with the basics in case you are a newbie.

The growth of SMP has been quite stable, and it is not a surprise that they have stretched across the country and expanded their market share in sewing equipment and accessories. Sewing Machines Plus also offer sewing classes, and learners are taught essential aspects of sewing. Among the areas on which they offer lessons are: Bargello quilt, designing tablecloths, making bags among others.

Sewing Machines Plus is the place to order your sewing equipment and to get started with the basics as well.

Organizing Your Living Room The Easy Way

Maintaining a clean and neat living room is a particularly difficult affair. Since this is the most frequented room in the house, there is bound to be clutter and other unwanted items accumulating. Having to constantly clean up after people can be back-breaking work. It, however, does not necessarily have to be so. With a few organizational hacks, you can constantly achieve a clean and well-maintained living room in no time.

Investing in functional pieces of furniture is one way to keep your living room clean and tidy. Opt for furniture pieces such as coffee tables or window seats that have some storage space. These will go a long way into helping you create space for things that you are not always using. If you have children these can act as storage spaces for their toys. Coffee tables can also double up as magazine holders. So instead of leaving magazines lying around on the coffee table or on the seats, visitors and family alike can use the table to neatly tuck them away.

Another source of clutter in most living rooms is family photos. There is nothing wrong with wanting to display some of your most precious moments with your family. The issue comes in when we try to cram as many phot frames as humanly possible in the small available space in the living room. Out of the box ways of displaying your family photos will not only help spice up your living room, they will allow you to free up some space. Make use of your walls when looking to get creative when displaying your photos.

We have a tendency to buy things that we think will look good in the house even when, in reality, we have no space to keep them. These unnecessary purchases only work towards adding to the chaos of the rooms. By maintaining a minimalistic appeal to your living room, you allow enough room for people to actually move around and get comfortable whenever they are interacting with each other in this living space.

Planning your room is quite important where maintaining an organized room is concerned. This means that you have to do more than just deciding where the Tv goes in relation to the sofa. Consider your lifestyle as well as that of the inhabitants of your home. A house with children would benefit from a designated playing area. This means that any and all messes made by the kids are confined to one section of the living room and thus become much easier to handle. If you or anyone in your home like to have friends over often, then a gaming area would come in handy.

Venetian Mirrors

Venetian mirrors are crafted in Murano in Italy. These mirrors are completely authentic and designed to protect your investment that when you gaze at it, you will feel amiable to own such a stunning decorative piece of art. Their design is subtle however with complexity, clear glass creating a character and texture to the authentic Murano glass. Venetian beveled glass mirrors framed are framed with distinguished panels of raised translucent white and clear glass on the plain textured silver background. They have an elusive quality of ductility with an elegant look. The mirror is shaped, polished with a hand-etched design on the surface. The pieces are assembled on the wood structure once the glass is endorsed with silver. A consummate style and supreme versatility characterizes a Venetian mirror and creates a perfect accent to your home making it more dazzling with this piece of craft. They are designed to give you a unique fluted aqua Venetian glamor to capture the mystical reflection of light in the room. It lets you tune into your own style of identity and style and get to enjoy the creative décor. If placed in a hallway it creates an exquisite ambient glow. Some mirrors feature a shimmering hand-crafted rosette and glass ribbon to show an incredible attention to design and detail of each trim to create a stunning pattern. They are finely hand-crafted to ensure whatever place of the wall you place it, it will represent a perfect masterpiece of adept craftsmanship. These mirrors will make your living room look more predominant with an alluring sense of touch. Wherever these glass mirrors are used they make the room the shining star. They will assist you in illumination and create a sheer beauty in your home. Decorate your home with a Venetian mirror and get to draw your eyes with a reflective brilliance and create a statement to your home.

Tips For Creating a Comfortable Living Room

A comfortable living room should please the eye and its all about creating a sensible room that is both functional and visually stimulating. First and foremost you should focus on the architecture of the room. You’ll never be able to furnish the room properly if the enclose is not right. Circulate the sitting arrangement to make the place more appealing and more inviting. The circulation creates movements, conversational seating, great sight lines and access to the room. To create warmth in every space and add intrigue and personality place a shelf or stack some books in the room. Place some mirrors on the wall to allow reflection of light.

Mirrors add a statement to a living room making the room appear larger. Design your floor with a stunning carpet or a rug to make it more luxurious and comfortable. Add a real sense of elegance in your living room to give off a shimmering reflection. A stunning carpet or rug will transform your room to a more appreciation of fine living standard. Dress your window with curtains, blinds, or draperies to make the room feel more amazing. Dressing your window is very important as it creates and represents ambiance to any living room. Allow entrance of light to create radiance and positive energy to your home. Apart from normal lighting from the windows and the doors, add art lights, chandeliers stylish lamp or any other form of lighting because of its a great additional to the interior design. Adding a right lamp next to a painting creates an instant stupefying mood. Place huge lamps on the sides of a sofa set. Decorative screens add coziness that makes you feel more intimate and protected. Fill your room with an L-shaped sofa set to add comfort. It can also be used as a room divider of the dining and the living room. It’s always important to keep furniture’s away from the walls because it makes the place look more unappealing and crowded.


Wall Shelves and Bookshelves

Paint your book shelves with a unified color as your wall to create a unified background. Consider making layers of shelves depending on height and depth as you decorate them. Crystals, glass and silver objects will add sparkle and shine to your arrangements. Place two identical bookshelves on the arched entrance. Sort the books by colors and use a bold color to correspond the bookshelves with a trim. Use drifting shelves to display towels and candles in the room to create a spa-like retreat in your bathroom. Adding a mirror on the back of the shelves will create a visual impression on materials laid on the shelves. Gather decorative objects to add on shelves with a combination of a tall, medium and short type of objects.

Mix different heights to have a welcoming home. You can amalgamate a shelf display depending on the function. Combine you shelves display by arranging objecting according to color shape, theme material or texture. Put your passion to showcase on shelves display. Consider your hobbies and interest including books, art collections, cards, baseball, boomerang collection or trophies to reflect your everyday lives. Show off your collections they deserve pride of place it doesn’t matter what your collection might be. Gather up treasures you love and showcase them on the shelves. You can add natural elements, embellishment or glass door to the front of the shelves to create a refined finish. To add visual interest to your room alternate sizes, colors and orientation. A glass door can unify an eclectic book display. Place books collected from your travels on top of the shelf. When styling your bookshelf think out of the box avoids limiting your collection to the shelves. By varying the book stature or flip-flopping them in horizontal and upright placement they create a sense of recurring regular intervals.

Light up your living room with a fireplace

They always say a fireplace is the focal point of a living room, whether it’s used or not. When you enter a room the first thing that draws the eyes is the fireplace. Whether you light the fireplace or not it remains to be the focus that says a lot about your interior design. A well-decorated and well-placed fireplace remains to be the most striking component to any modern living room. It can add an entirely unexampled level of charm, specifically if it is accented with the right pieces and well embellished. To decorate your Living room’s fireplace use a layering effect instead of lining everything that is along the mantle. Place your mirror on the mantle rather than hanging it. Arrange your décor around this piece to create a statement in your room. Use a stylish wallpaper to cover up a fireplace you are no longer using. Line up the inner walls with the choice of your wallpaper. Also, place your favorite wallpaper above the mantle of the fireplace to make your room look more stunning and appealing. Set some well-designed décor on the hearth itself to avoid a fireplace looking all wrong. Set some ceramic gray pebbles on the fireplace. Dried flowers and pine kernels are always appealing. Fake ceramic log, metal sculptures Ceramic fire-filler are able to resist any high temperature caused by the burning fuel.

If you don’t have a fireplace in your home already set, you can use a faux fireplace to create the same effect. The faux replicates and acts as an energy-efficient heater. Electric fireplace heaters are usually best for people living in the small apartment or when you prefer to add a stylish fireplace. The electric fireplace includes light bulb making it more realistic and stimulates the docile smoldering of a fire towards the glowing coal. Its portability allows you to rearrange your room for a better decoration. Conventional fireplaces are often limited to large apartment homes that can concord a living space essential to establish a traditional fireplace. With this type of fireplace, you can have it whether you have a big apartment or not.