DIY Living Room Decorations

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DIY decoration for the living room can add a nice touch to your living room area. Here are some tips on how to liven up your living room without breaking the bank:

Tip #1: Add a Splash of Color. Add color by using draperies, wall decors, plants, painted furniture, etc. Do-it-yourself framed artwork, such as your own painting, newspaper clipping, family portrait, or even a framed piece of fabric is a cheap way to liven up a plain wall. There are lots of YouTube video tutorials on how to decorate walls using things that you already have. You can use spray paint to color a single chair, making it the focus item in the room. Colored marbles, rocks, potted plants, and slipcovers can make your living room brighter and livelier.

Tip #2: Browse flea markets and yard sales.

There’s a saying that goes: “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure”. Well, it is true with home or apartment decorating. Among the best places to find cheap decor items are yard sales and flea markets. You can buy dirt-cheap, second hand furniture, such couches, bureaus, console tables or coffee tables. If you are lucky, you can even find a vintage item that can serve as the main conversation piece in your place. Apart from garage sales, second-hand shops are also popular for their hard-to-find home decorating items. If they are not in their best shape, you can always update their look using a couple coats of paint or stain. Old couches and chairs can use slipcovers to add a touch of color.

Tip #3: Recycle your old furniture.

Recycling your old furniture can be your best way to update your living area without spending too much. You can revive your old furniture by painting them in matching or contrasting colors. You just have to use your imagination. Rotate your furniture. Transfer your living room console to  your bedroom and use it as our dresser. Edit your bookcase and donate half your books to your local library. Fill the empty space with cheap colored candles, your mug collection, or whatever suits your fancy.