Tips to Help Make Your Small Bedroom Work

Small spaces can sometimes be hard to manage, and you might end up having piles of stuff in the middle of the room with completely no idea of where you will place them. However, with orderly arranging tips and some strategic buys, you can get the most out of the small space in your bedroom and end up having some extra space. Below are some of the tips you can consider when trying to arrange your small bedroom.

  1. Buy multifunctional furniture

Thanks to innovation, today there are convertible sleepers. There are also beds that can be used as desks during the day and for sleeping during the night. Taking advantage of these significant innovations will help you save a lot of space in your bedroom.

  • Purchase a bed with space underneath

If you have a small bedroom, then all your buys have to be strategic. Therefore, when you are making a purchasing decision of a bed, you should consider one that has enough space underneath. This space will help with storing the extra stuff for which you do not have storage space. However, you should always be selective of what you put under the bed, lest you will not have a restful sleep. All the stuff that goes under the bed should be clean and not prone to go bad. If they are shoes, make sure you wash them well, and they are not smelly at all. The stuff should also well be arranged.

  • Fix shelves on the wall

Unless not allowed by the landlord, then you should fix some shelves on the wall to help you keep some books that you regularly read before going to bed or some accessories. This will not take up any space, and therefore you will have stored some of your stuff without using up any space.

  • Organize your stuff well

The first thing you have to learn to be if you have a small bedroom is organized. When you are organized, you will be able to arrange stuff and fit them perfectly in a space they would not have fit had you not been orderly. Ensure that your drawers are well organized with labels preferably, to save you from all the hassles of trying to find stuff around the fixed room. Your shoes and suitcases should also always remain organized and well arranged.

  • Buy small and convenient furniture

In as much as big beds with footboards look sophisticated and gives the room an expensive look, when you have a small place you will have to forgo that. However little space you can save will help you fit all your stuff perfectly. For this reason, you will be forced to have a small and convenient bed with maybe just a headboard. Your dressing table should also be just enough and not too big to take up space that can be used for something else. Alternatively, instead of having a separate mirror and separate dressing table, you can buy one that has both of them together.

  • Use a mirror

While this may sound contrary to the idea of saving space, mirrors help magnify small rooms, and body-length mirrors are best at that.

Easy and Affordable Ways You Can Renovate Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are undeniably great. It is that part of the house where all the laid back (and sometimes hot) things happen. The bedroom is where you’ll relax, rest and sleep after a long day, that’s why it’s important to make sure that it has a relaxing and inviting ambiance all the time. Because come on, how are you going to rest or spend some quality bonding time with your loved ones if your room is old-looking, dingy and full of clutter?

Once your personal room loses its appeal then it’s time to overhaul it. Though complete bedroom renovations may cost you a fortune, there are cheaper ways you can do to give it a new and exciting appearance. These things will not require you to demolish anything, all you have to do is do some rearrangements and give things that you already have a fresh spin. Before we continue we can not stress the importance of a comfortable, reliable mattress. If yours is getting up in years then before you do anything visit today and save big on some of the best most comfortable mattresses you can imagine.

  • Clean Your Room
  • Probably the cheapest way to breathe some life into your dull room is to remove all the clutter in it. Throw all the unnecessary stuff and properly organize those that you still need. You can use garbage bags or boxes to sort out your clutter. Take this time as well to figure out the stuff you can recycle or donate to other people. Once you cleaned your room, there will be more space to walk on and rearrange things.
  • Change Your Curtains
  • Another easy and cheap way to give your bedroom a new look is to change your curtains. Yes, even the curtains can help achieve the vibe you are aiming for. You can go for easy-to-partner style such as plain white or you can also go for edgier ones such as velvet and heavily- printed curtains.
  • Use Stick-On Wallpapers
  • Add life to your walls by using wallpapers with stick-on designs. These are great because they can give new colors and textures to your wall without poking a hole in your pocket and making you feel the hassle of putting on traditional wallpapers.
  • Repaint Your Room
  • Sometimes painting your room with a different color is all it takes to make it look fresh and new. If you want to repaint your room, make sure you go for lighter colors as they tend to make the space wider and brighter. Dark colors like black and grey will make your bedroom look smaller, dimmer and quite frankly, depressing.
  • Equip your room with SmartHome technology: You may think it’s expensive but it is surprisingly very affordable to have the ability to control almost all of the electronics in your bedroom with just your voice. A sure way to impress any guest.

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Lighting Tips for Your Room

Home lighting is one of the most significant elements of our daily lives, yet it’s understated. Furniture’s, gallery artwork can transform a room but adding layers of lighting will enhance color, ambiance and freshen your room. Make a plan to address the lighting of each room. Lamps add pattern and color and a proper well-lit place creates warmth and a welcoming room. An effective strategy of lighting will make your home more welcoming. To set appropriate moods to your front door add an overhead light. A pair of corresponding lamps at the staircase creates a focal point. It is important to note that adaptability and balance are the keys features to a well-lit room. A lamp on side of a sofa and floor lamps are best for overhead fixtures. Accent lights including light above a casework, indirect lighting hidden behind a crown molding and a limelight on artwork or a plant to improve the atmosphere of the room. A pendant or chandelier on the dining table and dimming switch will set the appropriate mood. A chandelier serves as a focal point in the dining room.

Accent lights allow ostentatious design or collectible décor. In the kitchen, you can add pendant lights over the sink, island or bar for detailed oriented chores. When lighting your kitchen remember to keep the lights flexible. Ambient light in the kitchen creates a much more inviting space. Smaller task and accent light like under cabinet and in cabinet lighting provide ample lighting to illuminate the light while there are activities on other rooms. Wall mounted light and bedside lamps are suitable for reading materials. A bedroom is a room for relaxing and the best suitable light is normally the warm light that is more restful and flattering. Bathrooms with well-placed accent lighting on both sides of the mirrors are a great improvement and can be more receiving. Overheard light on a dimmer switch is suitable for early morning and late-night visits. Lamps on a desk of a home office are essential for reducing eye-strain. To add an inviting decorative element add accent light to your home office.

How to make a small room appear bigger:

Most generation live in small apartments and homes because it’s what they can afford. People looking for intimate and the cozy room can use dark, dramatic lighting, warm tones, upholstered pieces, snuggly, soft and the small corner as a tremendous private space. To make the room appear you can make some decorating changes. Clear out the clutter by arranging and removing unused stuff and putting them in one place or a box to make space’s view feel open and orderly. Hidden storage can be utilized to store lying around clutters. Move furniture out of the way from walkways to open space and make the room appear big. Replace big furniture pieces with short ones like the open armless chair, and ottoman. If you have a king or queen size mattress perhaps downgrage to a smaller comfortable mattress. You can also pull the furniture away from the way to create the illusion of extensiveness. Place tall pieces along the wall rather than in the open. Chose light soft colors on the wall and floor to make the room feel more airy and open. Choose statement art décor and furniture that will fill the space. Use colors in the same family that has same color intrigue that goes in line with delicate tonal drapery fabrics, textured wall finishes and tone woven covering fabrics.

Mount shelves close to the ceiling to draw the eye in an upward direction. Stick wallpaper or paint on the ceiling to make the room taller. To create more depth and space in a room it is recommended to leave your windows uncovered. Dramatic large and bold art piece can be used to make a room feel more expansive rather than having gallery wall pictures. Lucite and glass mirror provides added function of not taking too much visual space and creates an illusion of more space. Use large framed mirror on a wall to make the room look larger and more stylish. Use few smaller lamps to allow light to spread throughout the room rather than using harsh top-down lighting. Coordinate the wall and the furniture color. You can use rugs to separate a room into smaller space parts. Use clear frameless glass in your bathroom or something you can see through.


Decorating Ideas for Making Your Room More Appealing

Paint your room with a long lasting color. There are many options of paint colors with various shades, tones or tints you can choose from before you move in a house. You can paint a fresh coat on the wall to get an elegant appearance. Choose colors that best complement your artwork, upholstery or rug if the furniture is already in the room. Know how to arrange your furniture. Avoid overcrowding your room with furniture. Furniture can transform your room into an elegant look. A better living condition place means a place with space to move around with comfort and freely. Opt for quality furniture that will work with your tight budget. Spend more of your budget to get few items to have a likable place than it is congested. Hang images, galleries and museum artwork to provide a welcoming environment for guest. They enhance and help in bringing life to dead space, define a statement of a place, communicate your brand values. Original arts enhance a room and complete your interior design to lift the mood of the room and family friends in it. Create a focal point to anchor a room which could be a headboard in the bedroom, an art piece or a fireplace in the living room, a countertop in the kitchen to draw attention. Edit your collection if a piece doesn’t fit or if it’s not working for you then find a new place for it. Add layers of lighting to the cabinet, back splash, kitchen seating area. A professional layer of lighting creates and intrigue, variety, and interest in a room. They add complexity to the mood setting in your room. Make your own statement when you are decorating your home, try out different decoration to identify the one that suits your home. Go with something that will make you comfortable and happy.


Pros Of Monochromatic Bedrooms

Regardless of it being your first time or not, thinking about the interior design of your own bedroom can be an overwhelming task. It’s not something that you’ll just be able to fully conceptualize in a few hours. The never ending options of decorating your personal space can actually sometimes be the cause of your lack of sleep. That’s perfectly understandable, though you are decorating the first room you will see once you open your eyes in the morning, of course it has to be perfect. But since you’re having a hard picking a color scheme that would perfectly blend together in your room, why don’t you go down the simple route such as choosing a monochromatic tone?

Monochromatic themed rooms may seem simple. But mind you, this trend is slowly rising in the interior designing world for a lot of reasons. The definition of a monochromatic room has changed throughout the years.  It no longer means that the chairs will have to blend with the wall, or the floors and the ceiling would look the same. This century’s monochromatic look lives upon tweaking the classic look and incorporating new things without sacrificing its simplicity.

Simple yet classy – Monochromatic rooms are known for this. Using one basic palette on your bedroom walls, floor, bed and decors can evoke simplicity and class. But just like what I said earlier, you can use contrasting shades of your primary color in order to play with things a little and not be branded as boring or old fashioned.

It’s Elegant – Just because it’s simple, does not mean it can’t be elegant. What’s great about an effective and well organized monochromatic room is that it has different shades and tints of the same color that you can tweak and work with. For example, the color black has already been an elegant and timeless color, but you can make it look even more stylish by adding gold touches onto it.

It’s Like A Blank Canvas – A good monochromatic room can play with shades of the primary palette. But the best one can still look great even if there are different colors incorporated in it. Using Black on Gold or White on Black, and vice versa minor touches on decors or wallpapers and even on furniture can make the entire monochromatic room look even more design forward and elegant.


How You Can Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Having a small bedroom sucks for so many reasons. Aside from it making you feel more caged than relaxed, it also minimizes the amount of movements you can do and personal things you can put in it.  Decorating a small bedroom is also more difficult due to the fact that there are limited options when it comes to where you’ll put your stuff and if you have an extra space to use in the first place. Although living in one is not conventional and can be uncomfortable, there are still a lot of things you can do in order to make it seem bigger than it actually is. With that being said, yours truly listed some of the options you can apply in order to make your small bedroom look more spacious.

Paint your walls and floor with a light color – although having a dark blue or black paint can make your room seem cozy and intimate, it also forms an impression that makes the space even smaller than it already is. Paint your walls with lighter colors that can reflect light and make the area look even wider. Another trick is to paint your ceiling with the same color as your walls. That way, it will be more difficult to tell where the wall ends and the ceiling starts, forming an effective optic illusion that will make your room look larger.

Use Built-In Book Shelves – This is one great trick to save up on space. Built-in book shelves are great not only because you’ll be able to properly organize your books and some decorations you can also place them in a near-ceiling position, making your bedroom area seem taller.

Stack Up On Mirrors – Mirrors are the perfect tool when it comes to forming space illusions. If you have an extra blank wall or a wide closet door, add some mirrors in them and you’ll see the magic unfold.

Go Stripes – stripes are known to make things look wider. What you can do here is to paint your walls with black stripes to make them seem longer or striped carpets to make your floor look wider.

Keep Your Stuff Minimal – Probably the simplest one. In order to get the most out of your small bedroom, it’s important to keep the unimportant stuff outside in order for you to have more space.

Fall Bedroom Ideas

It’s now fall y’all! And it means that it is now the season for us to put on our favorite scarves, go to Starbucks and order a pumpkin spice latte. Another amazing thing about fall is that it’s much cozier than summer. Gone are the hot sunny days when swearing your glands out is the thing. Now is the time for us to relax and take things slowly without inviting procrastination in the picture.  And we can start that by redecorating the first area of the house that we’ll see as soon as we open our eyes, the bedroom. Having warm tones such as orange, red, mustard and beige in your bedroom will give you the cozy feeling of fall without getting the lazy vibe that comes with it. And with that being said, here are some of the things you can try in order to give your bedroom a fall atmosphere.

Give Your Walls and Floors A New Look – You can start your redecorating by giving your walls and floor a new look. Go for earthly tones such as orange, red and brown. Wooden floors are great because they already remind you of the new season. But if you have carpeted flooring, make sure its color matches the rest of the room or else it will look out of place.

Use Autumn Inspired Wallpapers – Well, if you’re not into painting walls, another thing you can do is to change your current wallpapers and trade it with fall themed ones. Printed orange leaves, woods and orange striped wallpapers are surefire hits this season.

Change Your Bed’s Color Scheme – One good way to give your room a fall atmosphere is to use bed sheets, spreads and pillow cases with warm hues such as orange, red orange and even brown. If you are going to change your pillow all together, we highly recommend you go with a helix pillow, it’s like sleeping on a cloud.

Choose Your Decors – Of course, no bedroom redecoration will be complete without having to put on ornaments that will compliment the whole look. And since its fall, you might want to choose decorations that represent the season. Orange glittery balls, plastic maple leaves, pumpkin patch toys and orange or red garlands will surely look great in the room.  You can also use fall fragrances and scents that will complete your room makeover. Pumpkin spice scents and aromatic candles are very recommended.

Decorate Your Bedroom: Pinterest Style

Are you thinking of redecorating your bedroom and making it look completely different? Well if you are then I’m pretty sure you already logged in on your Pinterest account to check on the trendiest room ideas. This website is very famous when it comes to giving inspirations on decorating things and parts of the house such as the bedroom. And if you are a Pinterest user I’m pretty sure you already caught a glimpse of their two trendiest room ideas, soft grunge and hipster. These two themes may seem unusual and not for everybody but they look really great and I’m actually very surprised about it. From galaxy ceilings to black pillows and Christmas lights, the style would actually work for everybody. It’ll make your bedroom feel more relaxing and intimate. With Interested yet? If you are, here are some of the things you can do in order to achieve that.

Pick Your Color Scheme – Having a hipster / Soft grunge inspired bedroom starts with forming your color palette. The best hipster style room doesn’t include all colors in the rainbow. A white-blue-black palette is the most recommended one since it’s the simplest and easiest when it comes to incorporating them with background decors and lighting.

Vinyl Wall – You’ve pretty much seen a lot of this on sites like Pinterest and Tumblr. Just use your old, broken, blank or unused vinyl and glue them on your wall. You can also use their covers which is a good way to give any room visitor a glimpse of your music taste.

Picture Walls – Whether it’s a soft grunge or hipster inspired room, picture walls (especially Polaroid pictures) are a MUST. You can glue them directly on the wall or even connect them to strings before hanging them up.

Glow In The Dark Add On – Glow in the dark decors is also great for anyone who wants to have that dreamy sort of room. You know those sticky star shaped ones? The type where you just rip the plastic cover on its back and place it on your wall or ceiling? That’s the best.

Christmas Lights – These small LED lights can also add a very soft grungy – hipster touch to your bedroom. They are also a great energy saver. You can turn the main light off and let them shine.


Bedroom Decor For the Guest Bedroom

If you have company over for the night, and you have a big enough home featuring a guest bedroom, then you want that room to scream hospitality. It’s a room that needs to be universal and unisex, it needs to appeal to just about everyone. Of course priority one here should go to comfort. You will want a very comfortable mattress and make sure it’s comfortable. Not too hard, not too soft, but just as Goldie Locks would want it to be, just right. We strongly consider you purchase a puffy mattress, these guys know comfort.

Here are a few other things to consider:


Not every guest bedroom will have its own bathroom, although this is ideal if possible. If you happen to have the money and space then be sure to have plenty of guest robes and towels on hand. along with specialized his/hers toiletries. I realize this may sound an awful lot like a hotel but that’s kind of the point.


This is just as important as the comfortable puffy mattress. Obviously the bedding should always be fresh, clean, and smelling like roses. Please be sure to have an extremely comfy comforter as well.

A Touch of Class:

Having a nice fruit basket displayed adds elegance to the room. Some chilled bottled waters or other refreshments always a nice add on. A small but tasteful bar in the corner can also be well received, as your guest may want to indulge in a night cap while reading before turning out the lights.