Three Pieces that Your Bathroom Must Have

The bathroom is many people’s best spot in the house after they have had a long day. You just want to get in there and have an invigorating bath that will help you relax. Some good personal time in the bathroom can help you blow your sorrows and fatigue away.

The bathroom needs to be well equipped for it to be a great place to relax and unwind. There are a lot of pieces you can add to your bathroom to make it the ultimate spot in your house. Of course, it will all depend on the amount of space you have in the bathroom. Below are three must-have pieces, that will have you looking forward to your next bath.

Bath Tub

The bathtub is arguably the most important piece if you a looking to go an relax in your bathroom. There are many different designs for bathtubs. You can have your cold or warm water bath in the tub after a hectic day. A glass of wine and some soothing music should complete the ambiance you need to have a great and relaxing bath.

Bathroom Cabinet and Mirror

Having a cabinet, chair and mirror at a corner in your bathroom is always a great idea. You can sit there and do your hair, beard, or face. All these activities can be therapeutic if you have had a long day. Anyway, the essence of going into the bathroom is to come out clean and fresh.

The cabinet provides you with storage space as well. You can have your soaps and towels well organized in the cabinet so that your bathroom always looks neat.

Shower Spot and Shower Curtains

A separate shower spot with some colorful shower curtains always completes the bathrooms. Falling water is therapeutic as well. You can get behind the shower curtains and put on the shower and take a few minutes to unwind.

The shower curtains also provide privacy if you have to share the bathroom with someone else. The shower is quite essential as it allows you to clean up quickly when you are in a hurry. eFaucets has incredible shower faucets and curtains. They will have you staying in your shower for ages.

You should make an effort of having your bathroom looking great and inviting. It is one of the most therapeutic places in a home.

What Bathroom Faucet Is Right For You?

Apart from the living room, the bathroom is the other room in the house that is frequented the most. Given the amount of time we spend in the bathroom at any given day, it is no wonder that we strive to ensure that we bring our A game when it comes to decor. Bathroom faucets are probably the center of attraction for most bathrooms. Thanks to the headways made in today’s fields of design and technology, one has a wide selection of faucets to choose from.

Before you get trigger happy and start buying and replacing faucets, stop and think about what you want your bathroom to look like. Different faucets will achieve different looks depending on the materials used and the design of the faucets itself. Another thing to keep in mind is the age composition of your home. If you have children, then using faucets with a polished finish may no be the best of ideas. Children are messy by nature. As such you will constantly have to clean up after them. Polished faucets in such an instance only add to the workload due to the water spots that are bound to be left behind.

Your bathroom decor needs to complement that of the rest of the house. One, therefore, has to consider the general theme of the house when looking to change the faucets. If having everything in your house in the same style or theme is a bit of a bore then you could always choose to match the faucets with other things within the bathroom. Using door knobs as a baseline for the materials to be used is a great way to keep things simple yet exciting.

Times are changing and Mother Nature seems to be pushing back against all the pressure put on her. Water scarcity has now become a reality for many places across the globe. It is for this reason that faucet designers are more inclined towards more water conservation friendly designs. For water and energy efficiency, hands free, low flow, lamina flow and self motored faucet styles are best suited.

Lastly, think about how compatible your proposed new faucet is with your current sink. The number of hole in your sink should guide you when choosing a faucet. Widespread mount and center set faucets are best suited for use with a three-hole sink while single-hole faucets work well with single-hole sinks.  Where the faucet does not fit the sink, a sink replacement will be required. Be sure to weigh the financial pros and cons of doing this in order to come to a more informed decision. Visiting a show room is, however, recommended for anyone looking for a more practical example of how any given faucet is likely to look in their bathrooms.

Tips On How To Make Your Bathroom Look More Spacious

Most often than not, the bathroom is the smallest part of the house. That’s understandable though because you won’t spend most of your time in there. You will only visit the area to do your personal business, maintain your hygiene or take a bath. But even if that’s the case, we can’t help but sometimes wish it’s bigger. Not only so we could move freely, but also for us to be able to put a lot of things and maximize its function. Believe it or not, big bathrooms are actually one of the signs of a lavish home. Now do you have a small bathroom? And do you want to make it look bigger without having to tear down walls and build new ones up? If the answer to those two questions is yes, then keep on reading because I have some of the tricks you can do to make your small bathroom look bigger.

  1. Let There Be (Natural) Light – shedding natural light in a small space can make it seem bigger. Opt for bigger windows rather than small ones. Another thing to remember is to never use dark colored curtains or shades in it.
  2. Mirrors and Clear Glasses – according to various experts, putting mirrors can make the space look even wider. But of course, just don’t put one that directly reflects the toilet. Clear Glasses for shower walls and bathroom dividers are also recommended for using unclear and opaque glasses can make the area look even smaller than it already is.
  3. Use Hanging Cabinets – If you’re someone who has a lot of bathrooms and hygienic stuff that you just can’t simply keep in your bedroom, one of the best ways to maximize the space is place them in hanging cabinets. This sort of furniture does not have legs, all you need to do is attach them to walls like your first aid cabinet.
  4. Matchy Match! – Matching the colors of the bathroom can make it look bigger. If you have a tiled floor, you can actually use the same kind of tiles for the walls because it gives an illusion that makes the bathroom seem wider.
  5. Keep The Clutter Minimal – This has got to be the simplest one. If you want to maximize the space and make the place look bigger, remove all unnecessary stuff.


Why You Should Try Black Bathrooms

Admit it or not, black looks good in everything. Whether it’s in the fashion industry, cosmetics, car designs and even home decorations, this color can dominate anything. Speaking of home decorations, one of the latest trends when it comes to having the perfect home design is using black as the primary motif. Rooms with black walls and black ceilings are a recent hit, same with black kitchens that have divided the critics and set the home interior designing world on fire. Although having a dark bathroom may seem unusual, the color itself can make it look more spacious and stylish. And plus, there are tons of ways you can utilize black and play it to your advantage. And with that being said, I’m going to tell you some reasons why having a bathroom with black or dark colored palette isn’t such a bad thing.

The color black evokes minimalism – If you want to keep things simple but not be branded as boring, going full dark on your bathroom is definitely the way to go. It will give you that mono-chromatic feel which is a trend that never goes out of style.

It’s sexy – black is also known as the color of sexiness. If you want to give your bathroom a very intimate vibe, painting the walls and the ceiling black can do the trick. Another important trick to elevate that sexy feel inside the bathroom is to use dimmer lighting or aromatic candles.

It is a classic color and a money saver – As previously mentioned, going dark on your bathroom is definitely recommendable especially if you want to keep things simple but banging. Black is a timeless color, seasonal trends will pass,but black will remain. Plus, it will look a lot cleaner than white paint over an extended period of time. Which also means you’ll save more money because there’s no need to retouch the paint and buy excess cleaning products.

It’s Versatile – Black is also versatile, you can basically partner it with almost any color you can think of and it still won’t hurt your eyes. If you don’t want to go full black, you can use it as your primary palette instead and incorporate white and gold touches or even different themes to make it look more elegant.




Six Bathroom Upgrades For The Thrifty

We all know the importance of keeping the bathroom look exactly the way we want it to. But over time, we can’t help but get busy with something else and forget to maintain it, causing the bathroom to look worn out and outdated. Now this is the time we, the homeowners, turn to interior designers and ask for their help to make our bathrooms look lively again. But the thing is, having a bathroom upgraded is very expensive. Yes, even just for a small space it can still break the bank. This means that if we’re on a budget, there’s a huge chance we’ll get a crappy result. Thankfully, there are DIY ways to give your own bathroom a new look without forming a hole in your pocket.

Adjust The lighting – Believe it or not, adjusting the lighting in your bathroom can already give it a new look. Replacing dim lights with brighter ones can make the small space look more spacious and brighter.

Revive Your Floor – If you’re using worn out wooden floors, just paint them with a color that has a glossy finish to make it look new again. Just make sure that the color you chose will match your bathroom’s scheme or else it will look a disaster.

Add New Fixtures – One of the most creative and cheap ways to breathe life into your old bathroom is to add fixtures in it.  Buy cheap rings and towel racks from your local home depot and attach them to your walls. You can even personalize them and give the rings and towel racks your own touch.

Hang Unused Paintings – Another creative and cheap way to give your bathroom walls a new look is to hang small paintings on them. If your storage area is reeking of old paintings or if you have some that you don’t want to put up in the living room, the bathroom might be a good home for them.

Paint It Yourself – A gallon of paint costs less than $30 and it should be enough to paint the walls of a small space such as a bathroom. What’s great about it is that you can personalize it by using your own chosen color. Plus, you can use the excess to paint the door and match it with the bathroom’s theme. No need to pay the designer for a DIY thing.

Fall Tips For Your Bathroom

Fall is not only known for being the season of pumpkin spice lattes, scarves and sweater weather. It is also known as the season of earthly tones such as brown and orange. And most often than not, whenever a season comes to an end, we update everything to match the next one. Now that it’s actually fall, it’s definitely time to amp things up even in your home and get them matching with the new season. But have you ever thought of redecorating your bathroom and giving it a fall-themed look? You might not know it, but decorating your bathroom to match the season makes it look more lavish. With that being said, here are some of the things that you can do to redecorate your bathroom and give it a very fall makeover.

Use Fall Inspired Decorations – If you’re really into changing your bathroom’s look to match it with the new season, you can start it by adding embellishments that can remind you of fall. For example, instead of using plain shower curtains you can use orange shades or that type with printed maple leaves in it. Another option is to use ornaments like orange colored plastic flowers, orange glittery balls, orange maple leaf stickers and plastic mini pumpkin patches.

Your Bathroom’s Scent – Smell can actually contribute a lot of things in making a place look a certain way. And since the bathroom is probably the part of the house that has the most interesting mix of odors, giving it a fall themed scent can make the small match the season. Using fall scented candles and pine air freshener will surely help the atmosphere be a bit more fall-ish.

Change Your Bathroom’s Motif – If you still have a bathroom that has a very summery theme then it’s time to change that. One good way of changing your bathroom’s motif is to alter the wall’s color. But since that can be perceived as not recommendable, given the fact that you might also have to repaint it for the next season, resort to making sure that your bathroom’s primary motif is a tone that is very trendy during fall. From using orange light bulbs and orange towels, to using light brown floor mats and beige colored soap will be a nice touch in giving your bathroom a new look.

Do It Yourself Bathroom Vanities

When the weekend comes its not time to relax, its time to roll up those sleeves and get to work on home renos. A popular choice is to tackle a new bathroom vanity. If your old one is a little beaten up you can always repair it. It’s not that difficult of a job and will certainly give you some much needed bathroom space and storage.

Don’t cheap out on the vanity, you want ti to last don’t be falling apart inside 6 months. You need durability as well as quality. Make sure the wood you use has been properly especially considering this will be constantly exposed to water. You want a water resistant or proof counter top, ideally of ceramic, granite, glass or marble, this of course depends on your price range. The sink material is also important, and again depends on your price point. Stone is lovely but expensive, you can always go with traditional porcelain or stainless steel. In terms of actual design, the faucet fixtures, and color scheme will pretty much give it its look.

If you fancy yourself handy enough to do it yourself, you will certainly safe some money, but if you’re unsure of the plumbing then please hire a pro, as you can cause more damage then good rather quickly. But if you are doing it yourself remember to shut off the main water valve to the bathroom before you even begin, and use a small bucket to drain all the water still in the pipes. From there follow the instructions for your new installation and you should be fine. Its always good to get some help when doing this, we all have a friend or cousin that knows there way around tools, don’t be shy to ask for a little help.



Creative Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is one place where you can really let loose (pardon the pun), I mean creatively of course. Normally it’s the smallest room in the house so when you decide to do a bathroom makeover it shouldn’t be too overly complicated. Unlike some other more private rooms, your bathroom is surprisingly quite public, you can’t exactly restrict a guest from using it. This of course does not apply to any bathroom off a bedroom, if your lucky enough to have that.

But let’s stay focused on the guest main floor bathroom for this article. When it comes to bathroom remodels, the choices are now seemingly endless. Gone are the days where you had to choose between either a round or squared white porcelain sink. Now you can pretty much find all of your bathroom materials in everything ceramics, to metals, glasses, and stone. Bathtubs are basically whirlpools nowadays, unless you opt for a good old fashion antique look, then you want to go with the tub (you’ll need a few people to carry this in as they weigh a ton). Showers can now basically be transformed into mini saunas, with a digital gauge showing you the temperature of your water. And modern day light fixtures look more like abstract art that should be in a museum. All of that being said more simply, you have choices.

Before you fully commit to a certain style or look be sure to do your research. Don’t copy one persons idea completely of course, but scour the internet, magazines, local hardware stores for your ideas. Try taking a little from a few different places to come up with something more unique to who you are and what you want.


Master Bathroom – An Escape

When you give a guided tour of your home to do emphasize your master bathroom? If you answered yes don’t worry you are not alone. We seem to take pride in glorifying the room where we do our business, I suppose its because we want that to be a place of comfort.

The master bathroom can truly be an oasis form the everyday if done right. You can easily transform it into a tranquil mini spa, a place to sip on a glass of Merlot, sink into the bubbles, listen to some soothing sounds and escape, if even only for a brief time. With all of this in mind a remodel can be just as scary as it is exciting.

What are you looking for in your Master Bath? A theme? Motif? Whatever you do choose, make sure your literally married to it, it needs to be a true reflection of who you are. Once you decide on that then the ideas will just flow as naturally as the waterfall shower you will soon have cascading through your whirlpool bath.

The part of this remodel that will always stand out above the rest will indeed be your shower or bathtub. Do you want style, or do you want it to be practical.  How about a sauna shower with wood benches? A deep singing tub with jets, surrounded by scented candles. Whatever you decide you want, with the right contractor chances are you will get it. Nowadays there are countless products available for your bathroom, in every shape, size or color you can think of. And if its not available and you have the money to spend, just about anything can be custom made. The amazing thing about a custom design is that no one else will have it, and if they ever do, they copied your creative mind.


Aside from all of the obvious, one aspect of the bathroom remodel often overlooked is the ceiling. If a large reason for this transformation is to lay peacefully in your tub then keep in mind you will often be looking up. Try going with something nature related. Plants always add a nice touch of tranquility as well.

Whatever you decide, just be sure it’s true to who you are, and you wont regret it.

Bathroom Decor For The Everyday Mom

If you ask me, the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to your bathroom is how easy it is to clean! Yes if you happen to have the luxury of a huge home with your own private bathroom complete with its own sunroof and garden then sure, go crazy cause you can afford it. But for the everyday mom, the bathroom is most likely the most digusting germ infested room in the house. One rule, keep it clean. You also don’t want to overcrowd the little counter space you have in there. Stay away from all the ceramics and candles. A few are fine to give it some appeal, but don’t overdo it.

I try to give my bathroom a fresh makeover every two or three years. Nothing too wild and certainly not expensive, but just enough for a change.  I think I do this because its the easiet and cheapest room to do a quick overhaul on. I can’t exactly change my living room or dining room 5 times a decade. .

The best way to get the biggest change on a small budget is of course by painting. It will completely change the bathroom and make it look clean and new. Once you have that glorious new color on the walls, you need to accessorize with that color. New shower curtains. New towels and hand towels. Again don;t overdo the counter accessories, a few things will help minimize the echo a bathroom can make, but too much and its just clutter. All of these things can be bought on the cheap, but I’d open up my purse a little more when it comes to the shower curtain. You don’t want a thin piece of plastic, its worth opting for a nice fabric here, not only will it simply look a million times better but it will also add to aiding in that echo I mentioned earlier.

As for wall decor, again, keep it minimal. Please don’t overcrowd your walls with too many bears going potty or kittens wrapped in toilet paper. Use the space wisely. An extra towel rack for the kids, or some decorative shelves to ease the clutter from the counter are two great ideas.

Now, once its all done, draw yourself a bath and enjoy it for those brief 15 minutes before the family gets in there and ransacks it!!