How To Make Your Dining Room Appear Larger Yet Cozier

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Regardless of the size of your home, you can still enjoy a cozier and roomier dining area. By doing some of these tips, you will surely achieve a warmer, more relaxed look for your rather cramped dining room layout.

Tips in Making Your Dining Area Look More Spacious

Let light in. A small and narrow dining room can give it the dark and somewhat untidy feel.  To make it brighter, make sure that the sunlight can go through the room, which will greatly improve its appearance during the day. Alternatively, you may install track lighting and dimmers at the corners for the bright yet dramatic look.

Use light colors. Painting the dining room walls with light colors, such as cream, light tan, and yellow will definitely make it appear wider and brighter.

Add in mirrors. Mirrors always come in handy when it comes to making small spaces appear larger. This idea is also perfect for dining areas. Hang framed mirrors or use mirrored tiles on walls for added twist.

Consider using open shelves in place of wall cabinets. Wall cabinets can make a narrow room feel even narrower. Consider replacing your existing wall cabinets with shelves. The shelves will give the area a more spacious feel. Light colored shelves that blend well with the walls are mostly effective.

Be creative with storage. Finding innovative ways to store your dishes can be a lot of fun and gives you a chance to show off your creative side. Pull out storage units are a great way to save space, and rather than bringing decorative items into the kitchen, why not display stylish plates or utensils instead.


By doing this things, your rather cramped up dining area can have that homey yet spacious feel. Don’t be afraid to play with colors and decor. As long as they come together, the result will surely be perfect.