Decorating Your Bedroom

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Bedrooms are the ultimate place of solace. A place that can be entirely yours. Whether you have a new home for the very first time, or if you’re looking to update how your bedroom looks, it always helps to tap into your style statement at the moment. Have you been gravitating towards a minimal room? Is your vibe rustic and cozy? You want to give your room a personality without regressing into the college dorm phase of posters and fairy lights. Here are some ways:

  1. Customize your bed: From adding a headboard to creating an entire bed out of cinderblocks, pick the level of DIY that you can commit to. If you have some knowledge of woodworking, you can fashion an entire bed on your own from wood waste. Or you can start small by getting a bed and tinting the wood in a color you prefer or by removing its legs and adding hairpin legs or box storage underneath. 
  2. Pay attention to the bedding, too! Mattresses can cost a bomb. But keep your spine aligned during sleep is key to good posture. Invest in a mattress topper if buying a new mattress is out of the question. Top it all off with sheets and duvets in cheerful prints.
  3. Invest in art: Try a nice, framed reprint of your favorite old master, or support a local artist you like the work of. Framed art immediately looks polished. You can even find beautiful ornate frames at your local thrift store.
  4. Try putting up a bookshelf: If you regularly read before going to sleep (or want to cultivate that habit), try a wall-mounted shelf that is easily accessible from your bed. Avoid anything work-related on those shelves, though- working and sleeping in the same area will disrupt your sleeping patterns, and you will carry the work stress to bed. Try putting aesthetically pleasing, hardbound books and perhaps a tiny plant on such shelves.
  5. Add candles to a small corner: From pillar candles to aromatherapy ones, there’s something about pretty candles that screams “fancy adult.” Try soothing scents like lavender that aid sleep. Throw in a few pretty crystals for extra points. Just make sure nothing flammable is close by.
  6. Try light-blocking curtains: Sleeping in total darkness leads to a better quality of rest. However, light-blocking curtains can sometimes be heavy dust magnets. Invest in an easy-to-launder set in a color that is harmonious with the rest of your room.
  7. Add something sentimental: No personal space is quite complete without people we love. Display your keepsakes on a side table or a small shelf. Create a polaroid wall with your happiest memories. Frame a letter written by a loved one. Remember that those who love you are always with you.

A bedroom is a sanctuary of rest. A personal space where we meet our dreams. Make it comfortable, make it you!