Living Room Curtain Ideas

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Curtains can make or break your living room. When choosing window treatments like curtains, there are several factors to consider: fabric, color, length, and if it is custom-made or bought ready made.

The possibilities can be overwhelming when deciding on which curtain to use on your living room windows. To help you with this dilemma, here are some advice from interior decorators:

Fabric. Choosing the right fabric is essential. The material you use on your curtains dictate how well they will hold up to your ideal design. When drawn, curtains made with too heavy fabrics do not fold up crisply; but too light ones do not fall perfectly either.

Color. Colors depend on whether your living room gets too much sunlight or not. The tendency is brightly colored materials will fade faster when there’s a lot of light going through it, so you may want to consider that. The important thing is to choose a color that will blend with the rest of the room.

Length and Lining. Decide on how high your curtains will be. It is advisable to set the curtains higher than the windows to make the room appear taller. Half-foot above the window is the ideal way to do it but you may choose to have it higher if you want to add more drama.

Custom or Ready-made. Custom panels offer limitless options in making your living room look its best. Custom curtains give a tailored look and the size fits to a T. However, custom curtains can be pricey, too. Ready-made curtains might offer limited choices but they are relatively cheaper. But with the right fabric, color and size, you can achieve the tailored, personalized look without the hefty price. Regardless, it is on how you install and present your curtains. Good luck in searching!