Features of A Complete Kitchen

Everybody has a specific way in which they envision their perfect kitchen. Some are into ovens and cookware, while others are obsessed with tableware and cutlery. Regardless of what appeals to you most, there are a couple of aspects that make up a complete kitchen.

You may not be much of a cooking enthusiast, but a great looking and well-equipped kitchen is always essential. The kitchen is a crucial part of your home, and having it looking elegant is always a good idea. An elegant looking kitchen is a statement of class. Below are some aspects of a great kitchen.

Space Management

A spacious kitchen is always a great thing, but you need to be able to fill it up appropriately. You do not want a kitchen that looks empty. Having said that, a small kitchen can be made to look elegant as well. You just got to manage your space well. Avoid cramming it up with too much stuff, if the kitchen is small. There should be a good balance between the stuff in the kitchen and space to maneuver around.

If space is available, a center table with some few high stools around always does the trick.

Have All the Essentials

The Kitchen is supposed to be a space where you can cook some meals. You need to ensure you have all the essential items need to cook a complete meal. You have to make sure you have the cookware, cutlery, tableware, ovens and burners.

You will need all these if you are to cook a complete meal. In as much as the aesthetics of the kitchen are important, the main essence of having a kitchen is to produce meals.

Storage and Cabinets

You will need space to store various cooking items. A great looking fridge will not only keep your foodstuff fresh, but it will also make your kitchen look elegant. Cabinets are a great way of spicing up your kitchen as well.

Check out the various designs of kitchen cabinets available of Wayfair. You will certainly find something classy for your kitchen.

Wayfair has everything you need to make your kitchen complete and interesting. It is a one-stop shop for any cooking enthusiast. As already mentioned, you need to have your kitchen looking the part, even if you are not so much into cooking. You should ensure your kitchen is always ready to produce a great meal.

Rockler: They Can Help With Your Kitchen and Every Other Room In The House

Nothing is more satisfying than making something using your hands and living to see it last and serve you efficiently. That is why Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is offering the chance to help you acquire the right tools and the adequate know-how on whichever furniture, cabinet or heirloom you want to make.

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is a company that majors in selling woodworking supplies. The company was started in 1954 in Minneapolis, with just a single store which was called The Woodworker’s Supply, and the general company’s name was Minnesota Woodworker’s Supply

Over the years, Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has developed and established stores in over thirty locations in more than 20 states. It also has over 60 independent partner stores from which it distributes some of its products.

When it started, the company just sold the basic woodworking equipment. However, currently, Rockler sells close to every single equipment required in woodworking or anything related. The company is widely known for its high-quality wood, hardware, and tools. Additionally, it provides the know-how, as it offers classes on woodwork, which seems to be earning it more customers and increasing their popularity.

Another explanation for the consistency of customers to the Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is their choice in the type of goods to sell. Rockler is known for the rare furniture hardware they sell; the kind that can hardly be found in other hardware shops.

Over time, the company has been working on expanding its operations all over the country, and it has been opening more stores in different locations and states. You may think this is unwise and quite non-tactical since e-commerce has taken over the world. That may be true because, with just a click of a button, you can have your product delivered to your doorstep.

However, Rockler management team looks at it from a slightly different angle. According to them, a better way of giving their customers the convenience they need is by providing them with a variety of options. They leave the power of choice on whether to shop online or at the store, entirely to the customer. And if the customer goes for the latter, then the store should not be so far away.

It does not, however, mean that the only way to get a product from Rockler is by physically visiting the stores. The company also allows online shopping via catalog.

Among woodworkers, both professionals and newbies, Rockler is the ideal place to get woodwork tools and materials.

How To Choose The Right Kitchen Rug

The kitchen has the potential to be one of the messiest places in any house. With meals constantly being prepared in it and people gathering to eat, there are bound to be crumbs dropping to the floor and stains from wine, oil and other fluids. It is no wonder that people shy away from including a rug in the kitchen. With proper maintenance and care, kitchen rugs are a blessing rather than a curse. Not only do they work to add style and personality in your kitchen, they also ensure safety within the kitchen and help improve your comfort as you work.

Choosing the right kitchen rug takes more than just pointing and paying for the first rug you come across. There are some things that need to be considered beforehand. A good starting point is to ask yourself why you need a kitchen rug. Is it for comfort’s sake or do you require it as a style piece? If comfort trumps style then woolen rugs or their anti-fatigue counterparts are what you should be looking for. They have the ability to cushion your feet as you stand thanks to their plush nature.

If having a stylish kitchen is the main drive behind your resolve to buy a kitchen rug then make sure it ties in with the rest of the kitchen. This does not mean that it has to be in the same color scheme as the kitchen. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, having a contrasting solid color in a more monochromatic themed kitchen could go a long way in breaking the color pattern. If you have a busy kitchen in terms of the already existing décor, then a more neural colored rug or one with a subtle pattern will do.

As we have already established, kitchens are bound to be messy. The ease of cleaning should therefore be a key determining factor when choosing a kitchen rug. Woven rugs such as sisal rugs or jute rugs are easier to clean than their woolen counterparts. Woolen rugs on the other hand are made stain and water resistant. Choose a rug that can be machine or hand washed for ease of maintenance.

You probably wondered how a kitchen rug can help to ensure your safety while in the kitchen. Well, the simplest answer is that they keep you from falling as a result of spilled fluids. Tiled and hardwood floors can tend to be rather slippery even without water or any other liquids having been poured. Rugs therefore help to improve the traction of your feet and keep you from falling. Anti-slip rugs are particularly useful when it comes to this. They are designed to be nice and comfortable on the top side while staying firmly in place regardless of the foot traffic that they encounter.

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Renovation Tips That You Must Try

Whenever you hear the term ‘Home Renovation’ the first thing that probably comes to your mind is how much it will cost to actually complete one, right? Well, that’s totally normal because it really is expensive. Speaking of costly home upgrades, one of the most notoriously pricey parts of the house to overhaul is the kitchen. In fact, it is so expensive that the cost for it usually stands at around $20,000 to $50,000 dollars.

Luckily, there are ways you can renovate your kitchen without having to break the bank. Yes, you read that right. And all you need to do is be resourceful and have a lot of creativity. Are you interested in finding out what they are? Written below are the tips you should try.

  • Have A Master Plan
  • Renovating your kitchen without having a concrete plan on what kind of result you want to see will only end in nothing but disaster. Make sure that before you even start giving your kitchen a makeover, a grand plan has already been laid out. From the materials that you’re going to use, the new arrangement of things in the kitchen and up to all the stuff you’re going to buy afterwards, all of them must be written down beforehand.


  • Repaint The Kitchen
  • One of the easiest and cheapest ways of giving your kitchen a new look is to change the color of its paint. Repainting the walls, cabinets, and even the kitchen table can not only give them a fresh appearance but also hide signs that they are dirty, outdated, and worn down. Experts say that when it comes to choosing colors, it’s best to go for white since they make every look new and clean.


  • Let There Be Light
  • Another way to liven up a dull kitchen is to make the place seem brighter, literally. Add more lights to make the space seem wider and more inviting. Install them in areas that can make other parts of the kitchen pop.


  • Visit Flea Markets
  • If you’re looking to buy kitchen furniture such as chairs, cabinets, and tables then you can check out flea markets, thrift shops, and garage sales for unique finds. Sure, they’re not new but they can complete the aesthetic you’re looking for. And besides, they’re a lot cheaper than buying new ones.

Must Try Small Kitchen Decorating Tips Of 2017

Size doesn’t always matter, especially if the kitchen is concerned. Sure enough, larger kitchens are almost always prettier because of all the space you can utilize and beautify. But the thing is, small ones can be just as eye-catching too, you just have to use your creativity. And besides, not everyone lives in a house with a big kitchen.  So, in the spirit of making do with what’s given, the following are some must try decorating tips on how to elevate the look of your small kitchen.

  • Add More Shelves
  • One wise way to maximize the space and also to show off your impressive collection of kitchen-related stuff is to add more shelves. Whether it’s on the upper part of your walls, corners or even right in front of your counter, having shelves can be very helpful. It will make the kitchen look bigger since you can display more stuff in it.


  • Play With White and Black
  • Bright colors such as white can make a space look bigger, darker hues like black on the other hand can make the area smaller. Play with these two to give your kitchen a monochromatic feel. Paint your walls with white to provide the space-expanding illusion. Give the other parts of your kitchen such as the cabinets, shelves, tables and even chairs the modern makeover by painting them with black. By doing this, you will be able to give your small kitchen an exciting chic look.


  • Install Utensil Racks and Other Wall Storage Tools
  • Another cool way you can maximize the space and place your best utensils on display is to put racks on your wall. Yes, it’s very restaurant-like. But it’s a good source of inspiration. Use racks for your utensils like the spatula and ladle. You can also use peg boards and magnets to hang other kitchen workers such as knives, chopping board and etc.

What you need to know about Kitchen Wood Countertop

Wood counter tops are the best choice for homeowners to prepare and cut food on the surface without a cutting board. Adding wood counter top can transform your kitchen into a trendy and stunning place making your room the focal point. There are many varieties of wood counter top a homeowner can choose from. Wood types include maple, birch, oak, cherry, and teak. Some great elegance option you can choose from includes faces grain, butcher block, panels, reclaimed wood counter, live edge, solid, grain planks, and parquet makes a great appearance to your kitchen. If you are looking for a sustainable, rustic and trendy option for your new counter top you may go for a reclaimed wood counter top. Butcher block is a common style option to choose from if you are planning to be doing any chopping and cutting on the surface. Because it can withstand damage if properly maintained. For a timeless and traditional look, solid wood is a great option for you. Live edge wood counter tops will engrain your guest and add a unique appearance to your kitchen.

The advantages of having a wood countertop to kitchen include easy to install, brings warmth to your kitchen, budget friendly, works with all design, wood is eco-friendly, recyclable, excellent work surface, they are strong, can be refinished easily. The cons include require maintenance regularly, damaged by water easily, require proper sealing, dent and scratch problems they demand a watchful eye, they are not fireproof, expand and contract with a change of atmospheric temperature.

A decent established and cared for wood countertop can hold up for a long time as long as you wish to live in your home. If you really appreciate and value the beauty of wood and are uncoerced to maintaining and take care of the countertop won’t be a problem. A homeowner can install the countertop himself at his own convenient time. But, if you prefer a professional he will charge you a minimum of $8 per square foot. You can buy the countertop from any customer retailers and Kitchen showrooms.


How to Upgrade Your Kitchen Without Spending a Fortune

A full renovation of the kitchen is the timely, costly and arduous task, but there are ways to remodel your kitchen without spending a fortune or inconveniencing your family. Here are some tips to renovate your room with spending too much.

Add a fresh coat of paint to brighten your kitchen. Matching and mixing colors, design, furniture and models will provide your room with a fresh appearance without spending extra cash. A few ideas to decorate your room in a budget friendly is by placing photography, paintings, wallpapers or images on your wall that are more eye-catching, adding fresh flowers, crown molding and colorful area rug. Install a faux granite counter if you are scrubbing Formica. Provide your old cabinets (sink or an island cabinet) with a facelift by painting, prefacing and refining them. Try to paint on top or bottom of the countertop with different colors to create contrast. Purchasing countertops can be a bit expensive, however, there are cheap options out that won’t cost you a fortune. Consider buying materials that are less expensive for your countertop.

Replace the hardware of your cabinet with a high-end stylish hardware. You can also remove few doors of the cabinet to create an open display to give your kitchen room a focal point and make it appear larger. Illuminate the kitchen room with lighting layers and mixing them with different options and styles to set the mood. Buy and install a cart on the wheel or a Kitchen Island to add the aesthetic look and make your room the focal point. Ceramic tiles resist stains, dents, and wears, solid wood flooring is hard to clean, easily discolor, dent and wear out. Vinyl floors are stain-resistance, long-wearing and easy to install. Therefore, chose the right floor wisely. Replace your floor with vinyl designs which are budget friendly, unlike ceramic tiles which are more expensive. Install a new faucet, sink, and appliances. It is comparatively a less expensive remodeling that will percolate your kitchen. It also never hurts to modernize your kitchen with some friendly home gadgets.

Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to upgrade the whole kitchen. Visit a showroom to narrow your options and get to learn more ideas that you can use to upgrade your kitchen without spending a great fortune.

Choosing the Right Sink for Your Kitchen

Kitchen sinks are the most laborious fixture in the kitchen room. In a most well kept modern and classic home the kitchen sink should always be kept clean. It should be functional to invite a breathtaking atmosphere. If you are planning to remodel the kitchen don’t forget the sink that adds an element of function and style to your kitchen. It can be overwhelming to find the right and perfect kitchen sink for your Kitchen. So how do you know the right choice of the sink? Here are a few ideas you can use when choosing a perfect sink.

First and foremost is identifying what option and choices are available. Secondly, understand your preference and needs whether you’re are doing a full stud kitchen remodel or just replacing your sink. When you combine those two tips you’ll be able to get the right sink for your kitchen. Choosing a new style of kitchen sink can substantially change the appearance of your Kitchen in a great way. There are four styles you can choose from namely; drop-in sink, bar sink, under mount sink and farmhouse sink. Besides choosing a mounting type, best materials or a new number of bowls for your sink, it is important to choose the right size option best suited for your kitchen. Install kitchen sink under the window, a place to have a nice view based on your special needs. Place and size it to a focal point that will make your kitchen look more appealing. When it comes to choosing the right material for your sink you can chose a stainless, steel, fireclay, acrylic, cast iron sink. It depends on the choice that best suits you according to your budget. To complete the appearance of your sink add a faucet finishing. A new faucet could save new space and add a new look when wall-mounted or installed directly on the countertop. Make sure you find a professional plumber to install and fix your faucet. However, they are additional expenses. A fully fixed new kitchen sink can transmute the visual aspect of your Kitchen.



5 Tips to Heighten your Kitchen’s Value

  1. Cabinets and Hardware

Cabinetry provides workspace, foundation, and workspace for your kitchen design. They can be a bit expensive so it’s best if you look at some of the options you can afford. If your cabinet boxes are in good condition and you’re more budget-conscious, refinishing the cabinet will make it look better. Try changing the hardware of your kitchen to nickel-plate or pewter finishes giving your cabinet a fresh appearance that budget friendly. Custom made drawers enhance both the value and functionality of your kitchen making it a clutter-free and well-organized place.

  1. Provide vehemence to selections of Countertops and Island

Islands and Countertops provide sufficient space in your room and make it more practicable. Select an island option based on layout and style of the kitchen including repurposed islands mobile cart islands and built-in island. Caesar stone quartz surfaces product are able to resist stains and scratches. Countertops and island will add value to your kitchen and give a maintenance free surface and a beautiful kitchen for you to enjoy for a long period.

  1. Painting and Flooring

Transform your kitchen by brightening up the cabinet, ceiling and wall with some coat of paint. The color your select must be well blended and beautiful to align the entire appearance of your room. Select airy and light colors such as gray, ivory or white to have an exacting effect on the room and add color accent. Laminate and hardwood floor are the best choices that provide an excellent return on investment. Choose stylish and unique designs to add exceptional value and luxury to your home including reclaimed, Brazilian cherry, wide plank, and exotic hardwood.

  1. Lighting

A small change of lighting like under-cabinet lighting, vintage, pendants, and drum-style chandeliers will have a huge impingement to your kitchen decoration. They add value and ambiance to the room. Under-cabinet lighting illuminates the work area of your room. Bright colored glass shades and unique patterns create a passion for mounting the pendant light over the island.

  1. Appliances

Remodeling your kitchen room with high energy saving appliances like modern cookers, energy star qualified dishwashers, refrigerators, and ovens elevate your room’s value and reduce the electricity bill.

If you are planning to invest in remodeling your kitchen it is safe to include a professional designer with high skills and fully understand the value of improving your rooms. Find someone who will remodel your kitchen that matches your personal style

DIY Kitchen Cabinets


Materials needed:

  • sandpaper
  • varnish
  • paint (2 shades of one color is ideal)
  • paintbrush
  • drill, keys, hammer


Note: Choose two basic colors for paint; one for the top color and the other color is the base color, which is what you choose to show on the distressed parts.


  1. Paint the cabinet with the base color. Let it dry thoroughly (about 12-24 hours) before making the next step. If you prefer to have the natural wood to show through, skip this step.


  1. Coat the cabinet with your chosen top color. This will be your cabinet’s primary color, with bits of base color showing through the sanded part. The ideal color for the antique look is white or off-white, but you can use other colors, such as black, green, yellow and the like.


  1. When the paint has dried thoroughly, you can start distressing your cabinet. A distressed look means having scratches, nicks, dings, and all sorts of marks that imply age and wear. To help you with these, look for home improvement magazines that feature photos of distressed kitchen cabinets. To achieve the distressed look, use sandpaper to expose some of the base color. You can use the keys to make deep scratches on the surface. A little hammering here and there will add slight dents, giving your cabinet a slightly worn-out look. Moreover, you can use the drill to add some holes for a more authentic look.


  1. After you are through with the detailing, apply a coat of varnish to protect your finish. Doing this will keep the wood protected, as well as add extra authenticity to the antiqued look.


Your new antiqued kitchen cabinets will surely catch eyes, if not hearts. They will make your kitchen warmer yet still being functional. The distressed look will add a country vibe and make your kitchen feel more homey and who knows, it may even inspire you to be more productive in the kitchen, if you are still not.