Colorful Kitchen Cabinets

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Redecorating your kitchen may require kitchen cabinet repainting.  You may have to choose a color or two. The colors you pick should work with the colors of the rest of the kitchen. The main goal here is to pick the colors that you really love, because you are going to live with it for a long time.

You can follow these easy steps to help you determine which colors will work well for your kitchen cabinets:

List all the major colors you will find in your kitchen. These include the shades of your kitchen walls, window drapes or blinds, trims, chair rails, floor, artwork and other stuff that complete your kitchen.

Pick out sample colors and paint swatches from your favorite home improvement shop. Focus on the colors that go well with the colors in your kitchen. Select two or more colors and pick out a couple of shades lighter and darker than your color choices.

For the base coat, it is ideal to use bright colors like red, orange, and turquoise, or whatever bright color that accents your kitchen. Don’t worry if the color is too bright for your taste. It will only show through the distressed areas so there is no risk of an overly bright space.

For your cabinets’ top coat, choose a neutral shade that’s included in your list. Cream, olive green, and black will work great as top coats. Using the sample colors, dab a bit of the paint to determine which shade is the best.

Using two shades of similar color for the stain will give your kitchen cabinets the neutral look that will give the impression of naturally-aged wood.

Your kitchen will definitely get its much-needed lift when you add the elegance and beauty of kitchen cabinets. It does not matter if you use cheap kitchen cabinets from Ikea or distress the existing cabinets in your kitchen, the olden look will surely add class to your otherwise shabby kitchen and may even increase the market value of your home.