Venetian Mirrors

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Venetian mirrors are crafted in Murano in Italy. These mirrors are completely authentic and designed to protect your investment that when you gaze at it, you will feel amiable to own such a stunning decorative piece of art. Their design is subtle however with complexity, clear glass creating a character and texture to the authentic Murano glass. Venetian beveled glass mirrors framed are framed with distinguished panels of raised translucent white and clear glass on the plain textured silver background. They have an elusive quality of ductility with an elegant look. The mirror is shaped, polished with a hand-etched design on the surface. The pieces are assembled on the wood structure once the glass is endorsed with silver. A consummate style and supreme versatility characterizes a Venetian mirror and creates a perfect accent to your home making it more dazzling with this piece of craft. They are designed to give you a unique fluted aqua Venetian glamor to capture the mystical reflection of light in the room. It lets you tune into your own style of identity and style and get to enjoy the creative décor. If placed in a hallway it creates an exquisite ambient glow. Some mirrors feature a shimmering hand-crafted rosette and glass ribbon to show an incredible attention to design and detail of each trim to create a stunning pattern. They are finely hand-crafted to ensure whatever place of the wall you place it, it will represent a perfect masterpiece of adept craftsmanship. These mirrors will make your living room look more predominant with an alluring sense of touch. Wherever these glass mirrors are used they make the room the shining star. They will assist you in illumination and create a sheer beauty in your home. Decorate your home with a Venetian mirror and get to draw your eyes with a reflective brilliance and create a statement to your home.