Childproofing Your Child’s Room

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Transitioning your baby’s room to a “big-kid” toddler room can be a challenging task. Especially when you think about childproofing. It can be a bit scary to think what he or she may be doing while alone in the room, thus, childproofing is vital.

Here are some tips to make your kid’s room toddler-safe:

Keep the windows and furniture in check. Make sure you use only sturdy furniture to keep them from falling into your child with just a slight shake. It is advisable to secure the furniture into the walls or floor. A window stopper or a window grill or mesh guard is ideal to keep your child from falling or getting out of the room. It does not matter if the room is within the ground floor; regardless of how low or high your child’s room is from the ground, making sure that the windows are secure is important.

Install safe plates on electrical outlets. Make sure your kid is not watching while you cover the outlets with outlet plugs, since they might copy what you do. For wires, conceal them using wire guards to keep your child from seeing the various wires of electrical appliances. Seeing the wires can trigger their curiosity, which may end up to electrical shock.

Install safety gates. Keep the stairs safe by installing a safety gate at the upper part of the stairs. Do this especially when your kid’s room is located upstairs. You wouldn’t know when you will need it, so better safe than sorry. Even if you think you got an eye on her every minute, chances are, you are gonna miss her one way or another.

Steer clear from choking hazards. Make sure to keep small items at bay. Toddlers are prone to choking because they tend to put everything into their mouths, so do not leave things that will fit into their mouths, such as small toys, coins, and especially batteries.