What you need to know about Kitchen Wood Countertop

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Wood counter tops are the best choice for homeowners to prepare and cut food on the surface without a cutting board. Adding wood counter top can transform your kitchen into a trendy and stunning place making your room the focal point. There are many varieties of wood counter top a homeowner can choose from. Wood types include maple, birch, oak, cherry, and teak. Some great elegance option you can choose from includes faces grain, butcher block, panels, reclaimed wood counter, live edge, solid, grain planks, and parquet makes a great appearance to your kitchen. If you are looking for a sustainable, rustic and trendy option for your new counter top you may go for a reclaimed wood counter top. Butcher block is a common style option to choose from if you are planning to be doing any chopping and cutting on the surface. Because it can withstand damage if properly maintained. For a timeless and traditional look, solid wood is a great option for you. Live edge wood counter tops will engrain your guest and add a unique appearance to your kitchen.

The advantages of having a wood countertop to kitchen include easy to install, brings warmth to your kitchen, budget friendly, works with all design, wood is eco-friendly, recyclable, excellent work surface, they are strong, can be refinished easily. The cons include require maintenance regularly, damaged by water easily, require proper sealing, dent and scratch problems they demand a watchful eye, they are not fireproof, expand and contract with a change of atmospheric temperature.

A decent established and cared for wood countertop can hold up for a long time as long as you wish to live in your home. If you really appreciate and value the beauty of wood and are uncoerced to maintaining and take care of the countertop won’t be a problem. A homeowner can install the countertop himself at his own convenient time. But, if you prefer a professional he will charge you a minimum of $8 per square foot. You can buy the countertop from any customer retailers and Kitchen showrooms.