Rustic Design Ideas

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Who doesn’t love the old school feeling of a Rustic design home. The ruggedness, the natural beauty, the smell of fresh wood. The log cabin look has certainnly made it;s way into modern day city life, and we love it. If your planning on confprming to the “rustic” look, here are 5 ideas that may help you:

1. Open Floor

Typically, Rustic homes are more open without too much clutter in the living space.

2. Natural Elements

Nature is everything when it comes to the rustic look. You want to Incorporate as many natural materials as you can. Wood (of course), metal, and stone in your interior. A stone fireplace just isn’t suggested its a must, also utilize tree branches and trucks as much as possible.

3. Simple Furniture

You want simple shapes and almost damaged furniture. Nothing should be perfectly symmetrical either.

4. Warm Colors

Rust and burnt orange colors compliment the brown rustic look beautifully.

 5. Fabrics

Burlap, linen, cotton and wool are great options. And of course a thick woven blanket or two will add that country texture you so crave.