Do-It-Yourself Home Decoration Tips

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DIY arts and crafts is actually very good for a lot of reasons. Aside from the fact that you’re saving a lot of money, you’re also recycling a lot of things which is good for Mother Earth. But even if it’s a really good option, some people still flinch at the idea of turning an old thing into something new. We all want the easy route, and that is alright. But if you are interested in learning some really good DIY home décor crafts that will surely look great in your humble abode, keep on reading. Tweaking things is never a bad option, especially if you play it at your advantage and I’m going to show you how to do just that.

Make A Small Table Out Of Bricks – This is very easy. Just assemble a couple of bricks and build them up until they reach the height of a small table. Aside from it not being expensive, it all has that grungy feel that is very trendy with young people these days.

Personalized Canister Vase – There’s no need to get rid of those plastic canisters right away. You can breathe new life into them by turning them into a beautifully hand painted flower vase. All you need are a few colors of paint and a tin or a plastic canister. All that’s left to do then is to let your creativity shine.

Egg and Plastic Bottle Cap Mosaic – Another interesting way to show off your creativity and at the same time decorate your home is to make mosaics out of eggs and plastic bottle caps. It’s recycled art folks, and that’s a huge trend these days.

 Blanket Table Mats – Another good way to add your personal touch in your home decors is to utilize the things you already have and give them new purpose so you won’t have to throw them away. Making table mats out of old winter blankets can be a really good way to save money and at the same time recycle stuff that you might not be using anymore.

Door Mats Made Out Of Bottle Caps – Using bottle caps and turning them into a door mat can really be a good practice of recycling and being creative. Just gather as many bottle caps as you can, nail them upside down on a square piece of wood and you already have an effective door mat that barely cost you anything