Stairwell Decor Ideas

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A crucial yet all too often overlooked area of your home is easily your stairwell. Most of us neglect it when we thinK of improving home decor (with the exception of the holidays), but the fact of the matter is it can easily be the decorative core to your home. This rings especially true if its centered.  Here are a few ways to enhance your stairwell:

1. Add A Gallery

This one’s pretty easy. Make use of all of that space along the wall of your stairwell (unless of course its a winding staircase). Hang some tasteful art, and plenty of family photos in matching frames.

2. Paint It All

A coat of paint can breathe new life into an otherwise neglected old stairwell. Choose your colors carefully, maybe even have a professional give you some ideas here. A one hour consultation shouldn’t be to pricey and can be well worth it. You should be able to do the actual painting yourself so you can safe big there,

3. Or Just Paint The Stair Risers

The riser is that small portion in between each step. If you really want a fast and effective way to change the look of your stair well this is it. By painting just this section you actually be a little more bold in your color choosing. For this I would not hire anyone for advice, as it can easily be redone if unhappy with the results.

4. Decorate The Railing

It doesn’t have to be Christmas to decorate the railings. There are plenty of things you can do to spruce up the railings all season long.

5. Add A Runner

A nicely decorative carpet running down the center of your stairs can really make it pop. Stay away from burgundy patterns please, this isn’t your grandmothers house from decades ago. Use modern artful patterns or one solid color.