Decorating Your Living Room in a Budget

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Only the rich and famous can get away with insurmountable bills  that come with outrageously-priced furniture and home decor; but unfortunately (or fortunately?), most of us are not like them. We usually have a budget to follow, so even if we have a general redecoration project for our living rooms, we have to stick with it. Here’s a few pointers how to keep your decorating expenses low:

Set a budget. If money sources are limited, you must have a budget set.  Of course, this is the most obvious thing to do.  However, to make it all clear, you must understand that your decorating budget must not consist your whole savings. Allocate a budget, which you can afford and not a single dime more.

Plan your decorating scheme. Determine what you REALLY want to do with your living room. List down the color schemes, patterns that are present in the furniture and fixtures that you consider retaining, and set your mind only to that plan. Do not buy anything that is not included in your shopping list, even if it is on sale. If you do this, it is more likely that you end up with unmatched colors and patterns that may force you to repaint a wall that do not need painting, or buy a new set of curtains, etc. This will eventually end up to additional expenses that are way out of your budget.

Call for help. If you really don’t know what you are doing, then maybe it is time to ask for help. It is pointless to engage in a do-it-yourself decorating project if it will just end into a disaster. You can ask the help of some friends who have more experience in decorating.

Never give up. If you are on a budget, then chances are, it will take more time to finish your decorating project. It might be a little frustrating to want something that you know you can’t have, like that expensive couch or the trendy designer paint; but, you must never give in to your wants. Stick to your budget. It does not matter if it take you months to find bargain items and finish decorating. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of discipline to make your budget decorating plan successful.