How to Clean Your Kids’ Outdoor Toys

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Organizing your kids’ outdoor toys does not mean you have to put up a new shed just to hold these cutesy but rugged things. You can just devote one section of your garage or yard to hold storage bins of yard toys. In this article, we will not only teach you how to store kids’ yard toys, but how to clean them, as well.

Cleaning Outdoor Toys

Knowing how to store kids’ outdoor toys properly is necessary, but it is also important to know how to keep the toys as clean as possible. You do not have to scrub them all clean every time your kids are finished with their toys. Cleaning your kids’ toys once a week is sufficient. Yard toys are usually made of plastic and rubber. The materials make the toys more flexible and easier to clean, as well.

You can use mild dish detergent and soft-bristled brush to clean off dust and dirt from your kids’ playhouse, waterwheels, activity tables, and the like. For toy trucks, cars, balls, and other smaller stuff, soaking them in a sudsy basin of water can help remove dirt, just make sure that the toy does not have parts that are prone to rusting. Avoid using bleach and other strong chemicals for these can damage the toys and make the colors fade. Your child might also get irritated by the strong chemical residue even after you rinse the toys.

Now that you know how to clean and store kids’ outdoor toys, you can now let your children play outside. Always remember, your kids need to play outdoors to enhance their physical, mental, and social development. You can also teach them how to be responsible by guiding them on the proper cleaning and storage of their outdoor playthings. Enjoy the outdoors!