Why You Should Try Black Bathrooms

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Admit it or not, black looks good in everything. Whether it’s in the fashion industry, cosmetics, car designs and even home decorations, this color can dominate anything. Speaking of home decorations, one of the latest trends when it comes to having the perfect home design is using black as the primary motif. Rooms with black walls and black ceilings are a recent hit, same with black kitchens that have divided the critics and set the home interior designing world on fire. Although having a dark bathroom may seem unusual, the color itself can make it look more spacious and stylish. And plus, there are tons of ways you can utilize black and play it to your advantage. And with that being said, I’m going to tell you some reasons why having a bathroom with black or dark colored palette isn’t such a bad thing.

The color black evokes minimalism – If you want to keep things simple but not be branded as boring, going full dark on your bathroom is definitely the way to go. It will give you that mono-chromatic feel which is a trend that never goes out of style.

It’s sexy – black is also known as the color of sexiness. If you want to give your bathroom a very intimate vibe, painting the walls and the ceiling black can do the trick. Another important trick to elevate that sexy feel inside the bathroom is to use dimmer lighting or aromatic candles.

It is a classic color and a money saver – As previously mentioned, going dark on your bathroom is definitely recommendable especially if you want to keep things simple but banging. Black is a timeless color, seasonal trends will pass,but black will remain. Plus, it will look a lot cleaner than white paint over an extended period of time. Which also means you’ll save more money because there’s no need to retouch the paint and buy excess cleaning products.

It’s Versatile – Black is also versatile, you can basically partner it with almost any color you can think of and it still won’t hurt your eyes. If you don’t want to go full black, you can use it as your primary palette instead and incorporate white and gold touches or even different themes to make it look more elegant.