How You Can Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

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Having a small bedroom sucks for so many reasons. Aside from it making you feel more caged than relaxed, it also minimizes the amount of movements you can do and personal things you can put in it.  Decorating a small bedroom is also more difficult due to the fact that there are limited options when it comes to where you’ll put your stuff and if you have an extra space to use in the first place. Although living in one is not conventional and can be uncomfortable, there are still a lot of things you can do in order to make it seem bigger than it actually is. With that being said, yours truly listed some of the options you can apply in order to make your small bedroom look more spacious.

Paint your walls and floor with a light color – although having a dark blue or black paint can make your room seem cozy and intimate, it also forms an impression that makes the space even smaller than it already is. Paint your walls with lighter colors that can reflect light and make the area look even wider. Another trick is to paint your ceiling with the same color as your walls. That way, it will be more difficult to tell where the wall ends and the ceiling starts, forming an effective optic illusion that will make your room look larger.

Use Built-In Book Shelves – This is one great trick to save up on space. Built-in book shelves are great not only because you’ll be able to properly organize your books and some decorations you can also place them in a near-ceiling position, making your bedroom area seem taller.

Stack Up On Mirrors – Mirrors are the perfect tool when it comes to forming space illusions. If you have an extra blank wall or a wide closet door, add some mirrors in them and you’ll see the magic unfold.

Go Stripes – stripes are known to make things look wider. What you can do here is to paint your walls with black stripes to make them seem longer or striped carpets to make your floor look wider.

Keep Your Stuff Minimal – Probably the simplest one. In order to get the most out of your small bedroom, it’s important to keep the unimportant stuff outside in order for you to have more space.