Home Décor Trends That Were Big In 2016

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It’s December! And do you know what that means? Yes, we’re now down to the last few weeks of 2016. This year, we were introduced to a lot of things, made to deal with sensitive topics and faced a bunch of new and innovative things to help our daily lives. And if you’re interested in the art of interior designing and home decorations, then you must also know that this has been a fruitful year for the designing world.

We were able to see new trends that don’t just look good, but would still be perfect for every single season and any year.  These new styles are timeless yet chic, and the best part? They’re easy to do. And on that note, here are some of 2016 biggest and trendiest home décor and design ideas.

  • Painted Walls – 2016 has been a great year for artists everywhere. Earlier this year, painted walls became a thing. Not only does it have that customized look, it is also very pleasing to the eye and can elevate the entire feel of a house or an apartment.
  • Black – 2016 also brought the color black back on top of the trendiest home decors and design ideas. The monochromatic feel it can convey adds a modern touch to a place without losing its timeless essence. Black combined with gold is also very elegant.
  • Vintage & Soft Grunge – Thanks to popular photo sharing sites like Tumblr and WeHeartIt, vintage and soft grunge inspired home décor designs ruled the market. From the nirvana album cover picture frames, dream catchers, vintage lamps, long wooden tables that seemingly came out of the Alice in Wonderland movie, vintage chandeliers to white brick walls, everyone got to appreciate the quirky yet very appealing overall design look.