Six Bathroom Upgrades For The Thrifty

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We all know the importance of keeping the bathroom look exactly the way we want it to. But over time, we can’t help but get busy with something else and forget to maintain it, causing the bathroom to look worn out and outdated. Now this is the time we, the homeowners, turn to interior designers and ask for their help to make our bathrooms look lively again. But the thing is, having a bathroom upgraded is very expensive. Yes, even just for a small space it can still break the bank. This means that if we’re on a budget, there’s a huge chance we’ll get a crappy result. Thankfully, there are DIY ways to give your own bathroom a new look without forming a hole in your pocket.

Adjust The lighting – Believe it or not, adjusting the lighting in your bathroom can already give it a new look. Replacing dim lights with brighter ones can make the small space look more spacious and brighter.

Revive Your Floor – If you’re using worn out wooden floors, just paint them with a color that has a glossy finish to make it look new again. Just make sure that the color you chose will match your bathroom’s scheme or else it will look a disaster.

Add New Fixtures – One of the most creative and cheap ways to breathe life into your old bathroom is to add fixtures in it.  Buy cheap rings and towel racks from your local home depot and attach them to your walls. You can even personalize them and give the rings and towel racks your own touch.

Hang Unused Paintings – Another creative and cheap way to give your bathroom walls a new look is to hang small paintings on them. If your storage area is reeking of old paintings or if you have some that you don’t want to put up in the living room, the bathroom might be a good home for them.

Paint It Yourself – A gallon of paint costs less than $30 and it should be enough to paint the walls of a small space such as a bathroom. What’s great about it is that you can personalize it by using your own chosen color. Plus, you can use the excess to paint the door and match it with the bathroom’s theme. No need to pay the designer for a DIY thing.