Storing Kids’ Outdoor Toys: Tips and Tricks

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Sometimes, it could be difficult to keep your outdoor yard tidy, especially when there are lots of toys outside. However, you can make your yard cleaner and neater with these tips and tricks in storing your kids’ outdoor toys:


  • If you plan to store your kids toys inside the garage, consider installing shelves of various sizes. Hooks and brackets are also useful for hanging bikes, toy mowers, and other wheeled toys.


  • Milk Crates. You can hang used milk crates on the fence and use them to organize your kids’ toys. You can hang several crates and allocate one for each toy group; for example: cars and trucks in one; balls, bats, and mitts in another; and pool toys in a crate placed near the pool.


  • Rolling Garbage Bins. Rolling garbage bins are an inexpensive, yet practical way to keep your kids’ toys neat and organized. They are usually large enough to hold balls and other medium-sized outdoor toys like trucks, shovels, and pails.


  • Large Buckets With Holes. You can also store kids’ outdoor toys in a bucket drilled with holes. Why drill holes? The holes make it easier to drain out the water when it rains. You can just hose the sand out of the toys after playtime, too, making cleanup faster and easier.


  • Pop-up Mesh Laundry Baskets. Have you seen those cheap mesh laundry baskets that fold up and pop out? These cute, useful things are great outdoor toy storage, too. They are inexpensive, versatile, and large enough to hold a variety of outdoor toys. The mesh material makes it easier to shake away the sand that usually comes with your kids’ outdoor toys.


  • Toys as Toy Storage. To minimize yard clutter, you can also store small toys inside larger ones. Think about the Matryoshka dolls; you can also ‘nest’ the smaller toys, such as cars, small balls, jumping ropes, and action figures inside your kids’ sand box or water play table. You can also use their playhouse to store other playthings, too. This way, storage space is maximized and your children will find it more fun “unwrapping” their toys.