Transforming A Messy Bookshelf

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We all have them in our homes, or had them in this case, a messy, disorganized, sloppy bookshelf. It’s an eyesore and can literally ruin a beautiful room. So do yourself a favor, take 30 minutes and follow these few simple guidelines:

-Rearrange hardcover books from tallest to shortest on most of your shelves.

-Lay a few books that are basically to tall for the shelves flat, this will keep the other books in place. ”

-Decorate the spaces with some pottery or photos, but only on a few shelves as not to add more clutter again.

-Make use of baskets or decorative boxes to hide unattractive DVDs or other items just laying there.

-And don;t forget to save a little space in between, unless of course you now buy all of your books online.