Home Décor: Top Bloggers To Follow

Home decorating is fun because it gives the interior of your house with a refreshing look. But sometimes, everyday events can get people uninspired. And whenever that happens, most home décor fans would turn to sites such as WeHeartIt and Pinterest to get their home decorating ideas. But what if you can’t find home decorating ideas from these two websites? What will you do? Where would you go?

Thankfully, there are now tons of other hidden home décor blog gems you can discover to get fresh and innovative inspirations to give your house’s interior a makeover. Are you ready to let your eyes feast on them? Then here they are.

  • The Jungalow
  • The first on the list is the Jungalow blog owned by a Los-Angeles based designer named Justina. If you’re into colorful and quirky vintage meets artsy designs, then this one is for you. She cleverly combines classic elements, handmade crafts and organic items to form a colorful yet very pleasant masterpiece.
  • Eyeswoon
  • If you’re looking for kick ass table pieces, then this is definitely the place to go to. Founded by Athena Calderone, Eyeswoon provides some of the most Instgram and Pinterest worthy shots. She always keeps it interesting by incorporating elements with contrasting colors.
  • The Lettered Cottage
  • If you’re looking for that home décor with the Southern theme, then this one is definitely for you. Creator Layla Palmer incorporates her charming cottage décor style with southern elements to form the ultimate homey feel that everybody loves.
  • For The Love Of A House
  • This blog focuses on how to give a small house a smashing home décor. Joan, the creator, will teach you ways on how to make that tiny space work and look as pretty as it can be, she is a master of arts and crafts.

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