Toy Storage Ideas

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There are plenty of toy storage solutions that you may use to keep your kids’ toys organized. You could use stackable storage bins to hold toys with small parts and items, such as Lego, toy cars, etc. Of course, this might mean that you will need to find other storage solutions for what you might normally store in the closet. Here are some tips to help you come up with perfect  toy storage solutions that might work for your situation:

Plan with the kids. Planning the perfect storage system for toys needs the experts’ advice; and those experts are your kids. Your kids will help you determine which items are used frequently, and which toys are not played with so often. Additionally, if you involve the kids in the process of planning, they will become more interested and, who knows, they might also get involved in keeping their toys neat and organized.

Practice your creativity. Apart from the ubiquitous toy chest, you can use other more attractive and convenient ways to store toys. Hanging toy nets are great for storing stuffed toys and at the same time doubling as your kid’s room decor. There are kids size tables that has built in drawers to store your child’s books and toys. These can be good space savers, since they serve as both storage and work area.

Utilize available space. Use the free space under your kid’s bed or that blank wall along the hallway to maximize storage area without taking  additional floor space. You can hang mesh baskets or toy pockets and use plastic storage bins that can fit under the bed. Alas! Instant storage areas without eating up any other free space.

Make organizing a fun routine. It would be pointless if you build a toy storage system when your child does not know how to use it. To guarantee that your kids stick to the getting-neat-and-organized routine, make it a fun and exciting activity. Try singing some tidy it up songs as you clean. Do not forget to congratulate them once the task is done.