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Master Bathroom – An Escape

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When you give a guided tour of your home to do emphasize your master bathroom? If you answered yes don’t worry you are not alone. We seem to take pride in glorifying the room where we do our business, I suppose its because we want that to be a place of comfort.

The master bathroom can truly be an oasis form the everyday if done right. You can easily transform it into a tranquil mini spa, a place to sip on a glass of Merlot, sink into the bubbles, listen to some soothing sounds and escape, if even only for a brief time. With all of this in mind a remodel can be just as scary as it is exciting.

What are you looking for in your Master Bath? A theme? Motif? Whatever you do choose, make sure your literally married to it, it needs to be a true reflection of who you are. Once you decide on that then the ideas will just flow as naturally as the waterfall shower you will soon have cascading through your whirlpool bath.

The part of this remodel that will always stand out above the rest will indeed be your shower or bathtub. Do you want style, or do you want it to be practical.  How about a sauna shower with wood benches? A deep singing tub with jets, surrounded by scented candles. Whatever you decide you want, with the right contractor chances are you will get it. Nowadays there are countless products available for your bathroom, in every shape, size or color you can think of. And if its not available and you have the money to spend, just about anything can be custom made. The amazing thing about a custom design is that no one else will have it, and if they ever do, they copied your creative mind.


Aside from all of the obvious, one aspect of the bathroom remodel often overlooked is the ceiling. If a large reason for this transformation is to lay peacefully in your tub then keep in mind you will often be looking up. Try going with something nature related. Plants always add a nice touch of tranquility as well.

Whatever you decide, just be sure it’s true to who you are, and you wont regret it.