Wall Shelves and Bookshelves

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Paint your book shelves with a unified color as your wall to create a unified background. Consider making layers of shelves depending on height and depth as you decorate them. Crystals, glass and silver objects will add sparkle and shine to your arrangements. Place two identical bookshelves on the arched entrance. Sort the books by colors and use a bold color to correspond the bookshelves with a trim. Use drifting shelves to display towels and candles in the room to create a spa-like retreat in your bathroom. Adding a mirror on the back of the shelves will create a visual impression on materials laid on the shelves. Gather decorative objects to add on shelves with a combination of a tall, medium and short type of objects.

Mix different heights to have a welcoming home. You can amalgamate a shelf display depending on the function. Combine you shelves display by arranging objecting according to color shape, theme material or texture. Put your passion to showcase on shelves display. Consider your hobbies and interest including books, art collections, cards, baseball, boomerang collection or trophies to reflect your everyday lives. Show off your collections they deserve pride of place it doesn’t matter what your collection might be. Gather up treasures you love and showcase them on the shelves. You can add natural elements, embellishment or glass door to the front of the shelves to create a refined finish. To add visual interest to your room alternate sizes, colors and orientation. A glass door can unify an eclectic book display. Place books collected from your travels on top of the shelf. When styling your bookshelf think out of the box avoids limiting your collection to the shelves. By varying the book stature or flip-flopping them in horizontal and upright placement they create a sense of recurring regular intervals.