Five Interior Pet-Friendly Design Tips

Living with our little furry friends is always a fantastic experience, and they end up being part of the family. However, the problematic part comes in when you have to constantly struggle with fur, off the upholstery, run around with a towel wiping dirt, or never stopping the mending of clawed fabric and floor. However, it does not always have to be this way. When it comes to your dog’s diet, we highly recommend you shop at Trudog, after all your dog’s health they only deserve the best.

Here are some tips on how to live peacefully with the furry family.

  1. Have the right choice of the flooring material

By the right choice, I mean a flooring material that can withstand all the clawing that goes on with the dogs and cats. The material should be resistant to both wear and tear, and should also be one easy to wipe off the stains. Most importantly, the flooring needs to be of hardwood like mahogany, walnut or oak that can hold out to the heavy traffic and does not get damaged every minute your pet claws.

  1. Choose your fabrics carefully

One simple thing that is for sure is that your pets will never keep off your couches and other sitting places. So the best thing to do rather than keep yelling them off the couches is to go with better quality and pet-friendly upholstery. The fabric used on seats should be strong enough to hold up to the clawing and not magnetic enough to have the furs sticking on it. Go for leather or synthetic upholstery; especially top grain semi-aniline leathers, that are quite indestructible. However, fabrics like mohair, velour, velvet among others are perhaps the worst choice you can make for your chairs since they attract the furs. Additionally, delicate materials like silk should be avoided.

  1. Mind your bedding

Most people, almost 70%, of all families with pets, allow their little friends into their beds. Of course this is not a bad thing; actually it strengthens the bond between you two. However, before they crawl into your bed, ensure all your bedding is washable. Also, use a duvet cover for your duvet so that washing the dirt off is easy. Importantly, you should consider having a throw over on your duvet so that the furs do not find their way into your actual sleeping area.


  1. Don’t forget about your walls

Though our pets rarely reach this far, once in a while they go an extra mile to climb on the walls or scratch on them. So, avoid the highly-textured walls since they attract fur very easily. Instead, you can go with semi-gloss or satin paints which repel the pet fur so effortlessly.

  1. Use light curtains for the luxury of your pets

Do not deprive your pets of the privilege to peer out the window; basking or just staring. Having heavy fabric curtains does precisely that for them. So, go for the lightweight fabric curtains that can also allow them the luxury.

Most significantly, besides all these tips, remember to use materials that easily hide dirt so that your home can always look glisteningly clean.