Easy DIY Christmas Décor Ideas

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Can you already feel that familiar cool breeze that signals the incoming winter? How about the longer nights and shorter days?  And what about that growing Holiday feels in the air? That can only mean one thing right? Yes, Christmas is here folks. Now that the time of giving is just around the corner, it’s definitely that perfect moment to set up your Christmas tree and favorite Christmas-related decors to amp that holiday vibes up. But what if you’re tired of your old decors and want something new? Well then you should know that new Christmas decors can cost you from a couple of bucks to at least a grand.  Thankfully, there are other ways you can do in order to save some money but not lose the Christmas spirit at the same time. Through the use of sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr, tons of ideas about DIY Christmas decorations can be made not only to help you save money but to also exercise your stuck up creative juices. Speaking of DIY Christmas home décor ideas, here are some of them.

  • Candy Cane Vase – Do you know those plastic candy canes that come in a bag when you buy them from a shop for just a few dollars? Yes, you can turn them into a vase. Just glue them all together (curled side facing outwards), tie them with a ribbon or a crafty Christmas themed tape and voile. Just chuck in a few poinsettias and you’ll have the perfect centerpiece.
  • Decorative Napkin Tubes – Another easy DIY you can do is to turn those simple and plain napkin tubes into decorative holiday rolls. Use your favorite Christmas gift wrapper and cover the tube’s exterior with it. You can use them as a centerpiece or attach a string to them and hang them all over your house.
  • Use Lanterns Outside The House – I don’t mean Jack-O-Lanterns, come on. What you can do is purchase a couple of luminaries or square-shaped lanterns and bling them up with Christmas-themed designs. After doing so, line those up in your driveway or you can even place them in your porch. It can give your house a warm look in the middle of a cold season.