Cricut Company – Helping To Decorate Your Home

Cricut is an industry-leading private company that focuses on designs and creative innovations. When it was started, the only thing the company sold was a cricut cutting machine. However, with time it has evolved and has taken to creating more advanced and professional equipment. The primary goal of Cricut has always been to allow users to get as creative as they desire to, by providing them with the right tools.

Though still not a so-big-company, Cricut has managed to attract customers and maintain them with their ever-amazing products. They offer not only physical tools but also applications that aid the users in bringing into life their creativity.

Their conducive work environment has also earned them loyal and dedicated employees who will stop at reasonably nothing to efficiently meet their customers, needs.

Over time, the company has managed to make a wide range of cricut models. The original one was, of course, less advanced but unique. It had a six by 12 cutting and could cut images up to 5 ½” tall. After this, there have been subsequent and more advanced models like Cricut Expression, Cricut Expression 2, Cricut Mini, Cricut Explore Air, Cricut Explore Air 2, and Cricut Maker. The latest model, Cricut Maker, which was released on 20th August 2017, is designed to cut thicker materials like Basswood.

The advanced easy-to-use software, Cricut Craft Room Software, has excellent features, one of which is its ability to mix images from different cartridges, hence providing high standard-output.

Besides the impressive software and high-quality cutting tools, Cricut has other projects going on, like sewing and quilting, Custom t-shirts designing, among others.

Cricut has not grown geographically as much as other companies in the same industry. However, this has not stopped its reputation for high-quality products, from being spread all over the country. Some of the major and most potential competitors of Cricut is Silhouette America.

With the festive season approaching, you definitely must have started raking your head on which decorations you will put up and how. This should not be a problem since Cricut is a super accurate design cutter, made available for you at an affordable price. Additionally, you can get the software to enable you to create fantastic designs.

Cricut was founded in 1962 and has been up running till present day. It has its headquarters at South Jordan, UT and has approximately up to 500 employees. It is among the leading companies in the industry of General Merchandise and Superstores, and it amasses an estimated annual revenue of $ 100 to $ 500 million.