Craftsy Company – Education That Can Help With Your Home

Craftsy is an online education platform that was founded by four men in 2010. They noticed a gap and the inadequacy of information for people who were into handiwork like knitting, quilting, sewing, baking, photography among others. It is quite ironic since all the four founders are men yet the platform mostly serves women.

John Levisay, Josh Scott, Todd Tobin, and Bret Hanna, who are the CEO, former COO, Chief Technology Officer and VP of Engineering respectively, were the founders of Craftsy, and all of them used to work at now HomeAdvisor, which was then called ServiceMagic.

The primary activity of Craftsy is to provide` a user-friendly online platform, where users can subscribe to get access to online classes, educative video courses, and other related information. They operate across various areas; Knitting, sewing, quilting, photography, art, cooking and so on.

Additionally, the platform serves as a social network for users, and through it, they can interact as they share ideas and insights.

The mission of Craftsy is to make available, the best teachers around the world, to enthusiasts of such handiwork. The platform has made it possible for all students at various levels to access lessons from across the globe, within their own schedule. The fact that students and instructors can interact makes the platform even more useful and practical.

Besides educating, Craftsy is now selling kits, which seems to be loved by customers as much as the lessons, since at least 2000 kits are sold per day. Craftsy wants to ensure that as they offer the lessons, they also make available the required tools to aid application of what has been learnt.

Even though the company has reported that their most attended classes are those for quilting, it seems cake decorating lessons are taking the lead in growth.

Unlike other companies, Craftsy was instant at getting established in the market and claiming its share. In 2012, not long before it was founded, it was reported that an average of 1600 people signed up to the platform per day.

Craftsy has been growing over time, and it has over 500 employees, with its headquarters at Denver, Colorado. The company has been a subsidiary of NBCUniversal since May 2017, and it receives its funding from Stripes Group, Foundry Group among others. Companies like Creativebug and Lynda are among its most potential competitors.

Craftsy has been, however, rebranded to Blueprint. The changes are not very significant, just the look and the name and a few basic aspects. Otherwise, the company has maintained its management and still carries out its primary activities.