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DIY Home Décor for Pets

Once you have pets, they cease to become animals and become more like a member of the family. Just as you would like to be comfortable in your home, so would they. For that reason alone, you need to go the extra mile to provide them with as much comfort as you can. Read below for some cool DIY ideas you can implement for your little furry friends. As an added tip, to keep your puppy or even full grown dog happy and healthy on the right doggy diet, we highly recommend you check out PetWellBeing.com!!

  1. Cat Tree

Of course most people would think this is a waste of time and they would rather go for the cat houses or something else the cat can climb. However, time will be a small price to pay for a chic little Ikea tree that will not only save you money used on the cat house but will also make your little friend adorably happy; something that we all know is important to all pet owners. Besides, a little cat tree will also add some elegance to the house. Notably, the tree does not have to be necessarily inform of a tree, it can, but not strictly. For instance, you can make a perch, drawer-like trees, and Ikea trees which are by far the most attractive.

  1. DIY pet beds

Some pet beds are honestly so cute and can pass for a home décor anytime. There are several innovative ideas which you can use to provide your pet with a resting place, and at the same time add some chicness to your home. For instance, you can go with a dog bed made of a tire then color it well to blend in with your color theme. Not only will this be convenient but it will also be superbly stylish. Alternatively, you can just make any normal-sized pet bed, and concentrate more on the paint color and the strategic positioning.

  1. Bed junk projects

This is quite a familiar name to almost all pet lovers and owners. Admittedly, bed junks can be hard to pull through, but the end result is always incredible. Having one of these just next to the entrance to the house will have your visitor asking questions and needing help with their own, not just for their pets but also for the elegance of their houses. If you are green on this topic, you can always check tutorials.

Keeping Your Hardwood Floor Shiny

Besides being strong and durable, hardwood floors are also gorgeous and when cleaned well give a room a perfect shiny glow. Furthermore, hardwood flows are pretty easy to maintain, and they attract less dust. However, getting them to keep the sheen can sometimes become tricky, and without the glow, they seem to lose their charm. Use the following tips to you maintain the glow and keep your floor beautiful

  1. Dust the floor before mopping

Dust and other dirt residue prevent the floor from glowing. The effect is even worse if you decide to wipe the floor without getting rid of the dust. For this reason, you should always sweep first before mopping to get a perfectly shining floor. While sweeping ensure what you are using will not damage the floor finishing; you can use a dust mop.

  • Use Buffer after mopping

To give your floor the perfect glow, there are steps that you need to follow. The first one as said, is to sweep or dust the floor, secondly is to mop it, then the last step is to buff the floor. You can use a floor buffer or microfiber cloth; either of which will give you perfect results and your floor will glow.

  • Regular refinishing of the Hardwood

The finishing that is used on the hardwood that gives it the glow is not permanent. Therefore, depending on the traffic on the floor, the finishing will slowly wear out, and when it does, the floor will hardly shine. So, if you have been trying to keep your floor shiny, to no avail, then the finishing might be worn, and therefore, you should consider refinishing it.

  • Do not over wax your floor

Even though waxing is essential and it preserves the floor, too much of it will give undesired results. Frequent waxing of the floor dulls the wood’s finishing, making it hard to get it to shine. If you have to wax your floor then do it ones a year, or if too much then twice. However, if you are used to frequent waxing and the damage is already done, you can use commercial products or simply vinegar, to strip off the wax.

  • Keep shoes off the floor

Shoes quicken the wearing off the hardwood finishing, and the more the finishing wears out, the less easier it becomes to make it shine. For this reason, you can avoid walking on the floor with shoes. Set a shoe rack by the door and make your kids or friends place their shoes there instead of getting in the house with them.

Tips to Help Make Your Small Bedroom Work

Small spaces can sometimes be hard to manage, and you might end up having piles of stuff in the middle of the room with completely no idea of where you will place them. However, with orderly arranging tips and some strategic buys, you can get the most out of the small space in your bedroom and end up having some extra space. Below are some of the tips you can consider when trying to arrange your small bedroom.

  1. Buy multifunctional furniture

Thanks to innovation, today there are convertible sleepers. There are also beds that can be used as desks during the day and for sleeping during the night. Taking advantage of these significant innovations will help you save a lot of space in your bedroom.

  • Purchase a bed with space underneath

If you have a small bedroom, then all your buys have to be strategic. Therefore, when you are making a purchasing decision of a bed, you should consider one that has enough space underneath. This space will help with storing the extra stuff for which you do not have storage space. However, you should always be selective of what you put under the bed, lest you will not have a restful sleep. All the stuff that goes under the bed should be clean and not prone to go bad. If they are shoes, make sure you wash them well, and they are not smelly at all. The stuff should also well be arranged.

  • Fix shelves on the wall

Unless not allowed by the landlord, then you should fix some shelves on the wall to help you keep some books that you regularly read before going to bed or some accessories. This will not take up any space, and therefore you will have stored some of your stuff without using up any space.

  • Organize your stuff well

The first thing you have to learn to be if you have a small bedroom is organized. When you are organized, you will be able to arrange stuff and fit them perfectly in a space they would not have fit had you not been orderly. Ensure that your drawers are well organized with labels preferably, to save you from all the hassles of trying to find stuff around the fixed room. Your shoes and suitcases should also always remain organized and well arranged.

  • Buy small and convenient furniture

In as much as big beds with footboards look sophisticated and gives the room an expensive look, when you have a small place you will have to forgo that. However little space you can save will help you fit all your stuff perfectly. For this reason, you will be forced to have a small and convenient bed with maybe just a headboard. Your dressing table should also be just enough and not too big to take up space that can be used for something else. Alternatively, instead of having a separate mirror and separate dressing table, you can buy one that has both of them together.

  • Use a mirror

While this may sound contrary to the idea of saving space, mirrors help magnify small rooms, and body-length mirrors are best at that.

Carpet Types

Carpets are actually more important than we may think. Besides being a home décor, carpets also act as sound blockers, they are soft and prevent the chills which you get whenever you step on a cold floor especially in the morning. So, are you having trouble deciding which type of carpet you should have for your house? This article discusses the major types of carpets basing on how and what they are made of, and which places they are best used in.

  1. Tufted Carpet

Tufted carpets are made by inserting tufts of yarns through a fabric backing using a tufting machine. The construction of tufted carpets is not very advanced, and therefore its shedding off is very easy and quick. For this reason, tufted carpets are best used in parts of the house where there is less traffic. These carpets are usually very cheap since their production is quick and they are not very durable.

  • Woven Carpet

Woven carpets, just as the name suggests are woven from coir, jute, coconut wood sisal or wool. Their production process is usually very demanding and time-consuming, but the outcome is generally worth it, and they give the room a majestic look. You can use woven carpets in your bedroom or in the living room to get a classy and sophisticated look. Because of their high durability and their high-end quality, woven carpets are pretty expensive.

  • Hooked carpet

Most, if not all hooked rugs are usually hand-made and they are very simple and so is their production process. Usually, hooked carpets have some regular patterns or art form, and if you love art, then you can use them on the wall or on some part of the floor to bring out a sense of creativity. These carpets are made by pulling cotton or wool strings through meshes of a strong fabric.Because of their less detailed production process, the carpets are less expensive, and they are not very durable.

  • Needle felt carpet

Compared to other carpets, this is the most expensive. This is because of its technological manufacturing process. It is made based on electrostatic attraction between fibers that join together to create a perfect looking carpet. You can use this carpet in your classy living room to create an exotic look. Also, this type of carpet is, most of the time used in hotels or restaurants. It is highly durable and high quality hence very expensive, but worth it.

Three Pieces that Your Bathroom Must Have

The bathroom is many people’s best spot in the house after they have had a long day. You just want to get in there and have an invigorating bath that will help you relax. Some good personal time in the bathroom can help you blow your sorrows and fatigue away.

The bathroom needs to be well equipped for it to be a great place to relax and unwind. There are a lot of pieces you can add to your bathroom to make it the ultimate spot in your house. Of course, it will all depend on the amount of space you have in the bathroom. Below are three must-have pieces, that will have you looking forward to your next bath.

Bath Tub

The bathtub is arguably the most important piece if you a looking to go an relax in your bathroom. There are many different designs for bathtubs. You can have your cold or warm water bath in the tub after a hectic day. A glass of wine and some soothing music should complete the ambiance you need to have a great and relaxing bath.

Bathroom Cabinet and Mirror

Having a cabinet, chair and mirror at a corner in your bathroom is always a great idea. You can sit there and do your hair, beard, or face. All these activities can be therapeutic if you have had a long day. Anyway, the essence of going into the bathroom is to come out clean and fresh.

The cabinet provides you with storage space as well. You can have your soaps and towels well organized in the cabinet so that your bathroom always looks neat.

Shower Spot and Shower Curtains

A separate shower spot with some colorful shower curtains always completes the bathrooms. Falling water is therapeutic as well. You can get behind the shower curtains and put on the shower and take a few minutes to unwind.

The shower curtains also provide privacy if you have to share the bathroom with someone else. The shower is quite essential as it allows you to clean up quickly when you are in a hurry. eFaucets has incredible shower faucets and curtains. They will have you staying in your shower for ages.

You should make an effort of having your bathroom looking great and inviting. It is one of the most therapeutic places in a home.

Saving Space on Storage

You will have a lot of stuff you need to store properly in your house. Lack of a proper storage plan will make your spaces look cramped and disorganized. Organized storage will ensure you are able to use the available space properly, and your spaces look neat at all times.

Whether it is in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen you need a storage plan for the stuff that is there. For instance, you need proper storage for books in your living room, just like you need one for cookware in the kitchen as well. Below are 3 top storage solutions that always work in all spaces.

Cupboards and Cabinets

Cupboards and cabinets are an ideal storage solution for any room. They work perfectly in the living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. You just have to get the right piece for the right room. Many of the pieces will have drawers in which you can store tiny items.

These cabinets and cupboards will also add up as decorative pieces to your space. Get well-crafted and colored pieces that will spice up your spaces. Check out the different options for cabinets and cupboards that are available on Wayfair.


If space is very limited, shelves are always a great solution. Shelves create storage away from the floor, allowing more floor space. Whether it’s your cookware in the kitchen, or it’s your cosmetics in the bedroom, shelves will allow you to keep your stuff organized.

You can purchase the shelves on Wayfair, but you will need a carpenter to install them for you if you can’t do it on your own. Shelves are a great way of displaying picture frames and paintings on your walls as well. They will also safely hold any 3D decorations that you may want on your walls.


Baskets are a great way of keeping random items organized. Many are times you will have stuff that you are not using but not willing to throw them away in the house. Baskets are a great way of storing the stuff safely. The baskets will ensure the stuff is removed to clear space, but it remains in good condition.

It is advisable to have all the stuff in your storage room put in labelled baskets. You will be able to find something easily when you need it later. Wayfair has many kinds of baskets. There are plastics and woven baskets. You can get either depending on what you want to put in them. 

Patio Furniture Ideas

When you are lucky enough to have a house with a patio, the patio becomes one of your favorite places to relax. It is a great place to have drinks and converse with your friends, or just slouch on a rocking chair and unwind. You need to decorate your patio and make it look great, just as you would decorate any other space in your home.

There are a couple of items you need to make your patio the perfect relaxation spot. Below are three types of patio furniture you can choose to have on your patio. Aside from furniture, if you have the space it’s always a wonderful addition to your yard to add a gorgeous hot tub, trust us your friends and family will thank you for this one.

Lounge Furniture

You could have a nice set of patio furniture lounge couches and a coffee table at the patio. The patio is a great place to sit with your friends or family and have a great conversation for the whole afternoon. Some simple chairs with soft cushions will do the trick as well.

You need to ensure that the furniture you get can withstand outdoor conditions. Chairs made of a tough fabric such as leather are suitable. Comfy chairs will allow you to sit on the patio for long hours and enjoy a cool breeze.

Dining Furniture

You can also decide to have some meals on the patio. Dining furniture also augurs well with the patio. Having a meal outdoors is always exciting. Sometimes all you need is some fresh air to be able to devour a hefty meal.

There are many options for dining tables and chairs that you can use on your patio. All the chairs and tables can withstand tough outdoor conditions. Strong wood tables and chairs always blend into the patio quite well.

Bar Furniture

Sipping some beer, whiskey, or wine while outdoors is always a great experience. If you love your drinks, some bar furniture would be great for your patio. You can spend the afternoon with your friends on the bar sipping some drinks.

Tall bar table and stool are great to enhance your patio furniture. You can add a drinks cabinet as well if there is enough space. You will have a complete bar on your patio, just like you would have it anywhere else.

It is always a good idea to have some patio furniture covers. You need to cover up your furniture when the weather is not very favorable. That will ensure the furniture lasts long. For instance, rain can easily destroy wooden furniture.  Wayfair has furniture covers for all the different kinds of furniture.

3 Tips for Setting Up Your Baby’s Room


You are probably eagerly waiting for the arrival of your little bundle of joy. You just can wait, and you need to get his room ready as soon as possible. If you’ve never had to prepare a baby’s room before, you will most likely not know where to start.

There are many little things you will need for your little one’s room. You want the room to be a source of peace and joy for your baby and yourself as well. Below are a few pointers on the essentials of a baby’s room.

Toddler Bed

Your toddler needs a special bed, specially designed just to cater to their needs. There are many exciting designs for toddler beds available on Wayfair. One of the most essential aspects of a toddler bed is to ensure it is safe. It should be strong, and have enough grids on the sides, to ensure your baby cannot fall over.

Always go for a brightly colored bed. Babies have a thing for brightly colored stuff. It is even better is the bed has some drawings or patterns. Flowers and butterflies always do the trick.

Wall Décor

You can decide to go for painted walls or wallpaper. Either way, colorful walls with interesting patterns and images are therapeutic to the baby. Make sure the walls have a couple of different images. Babies are always quite curious and will always be looking out to discover new stuff. Such images are likely to keep them intrigued.

Wayfair has a wide range of colorful wallpapers that you can put up in your baby’s room. You can also get some shapes, toys, and dolls and hang them up on the walls.

Security Camera and Baby Bell

You need to be able to closely monitor your baby while they are in their room alone. A camera will allow you to watch over your baby without necessarily going to the room, especially when they are sleeping. You do not want to interrupt your babies sleep when they have not had enough.

The bells are a great way to keep the baby entertained while they are awake. The baby will most likely start crying when they wake up and notice they are alone, but the bells are a great way of keeping them distracted. You also need to have a microphone close to the baby’s bed, so that you know when they are crying.

Features of A Complete Kitchen

Everybody has a specific way in which they envision their perfect kitchen. Some are into ovens and cookware, while others are obsessed with tableware and cutlery. Regardless of what appeals to you most, there are a couple of aspects that make up a complete kitchen.

You may not be much of a cooking enthusiast, but a great looking and well-equipped kitchen is always essential. The kitchen is a crucial part of your home, and having it looking elegant is always a good idea. An elegant looking kitchen is a statement of class. Below are some aspects of a great kitchen.

Space Management

A spacious kitchen is always a great thing, but you need to be able to fill it up appropriately. You do not want a kitchen that looks empty. Having said that, a small kitchen can be made to look elegant as well. You just got to manage your space well. Avoid cramming it up with too much stuff, if the kitchen is small. There should be a good balance between the stuff in the kitchen and space to maneuver around.

If space is available, a center table with some few high stools around always does the trick.

Have All the Essentials

The Kitchen is supposed to be a space where you can cook some meals. You need to ensure you have all the essential items need to cook a complete meal. You have to make sure you have the cookware, cutlery, tableware, ovens and burners.

You will need all these if you are to cook a complete meal. In as much as the aesthetics of the kitchen are important, the main essence of having a kitchen is to produce meals.

Storage and Cabinets

You will need space to store various cooking items. A great looking fridge will not only keep your foodstuff fresh, but it will also make your kitchen look elegant. Cabinets are a great way of spicing up your kitchen as well.

Check out the various designs of kitchen cabinets available of Wayfair. You will certainly find something classy for your kitchen.

Wayfair has everything you need to make your kitchen complete and interesting. It is a one-stop shop for any cooking enthusiast. As already mentioned, you need to have your kitchen looking the part, even if you are not so much into cooking. You should ensure your kitchen is always ready to produce a great meal.

Sewing Machines Plus – Sew Your Own Curtains and More

Have you always wanted to give a personal touch to something, perhaps your curtains, but you can’t because you lack the right equipment? Well, this should no longer be a worry since Sewing Machines Plus offers a wide range of sewing equipment and any other requirement you may need in order to give your home the personal touch you desire.

Sewing Machines Plus is an online nationwide retailer company that provides all the requirements when it comes to sewing. It is a family-owned company with its Headquarters in San Marcos, California, and it was started in 2000 by Ron Martin.

When Sewing Machines Plus started, it was just a mere showroom. However, over time it has expanded into the number one online sewing machine retailer, and it has grown to more than 10, 000 Sq. Ft sales floor. Some of the categories of products sold by Sewing Machine Plus are embroidery software, embroidery designs, sewing accessories, quilting notions among others. It also sells books and CD’s that provide detailed guidelines on topics related to sewing

The goods offered by the Sewing Machines Plus are of high quality and at affordable prices. The company’s employees, especially those in the sales team are committed to meeting customer needs and satisfaction, and this is among the various success factors in the company. Their readily available customer care service has won them many loyal customers.

About shipping and delivery of goods, the company has not yet gone multinational, and therefore, they only work within the United States and Canada. Most of the orders done by customers are usually shipped on the same day and delivered within 3-7 days.

Orders to Canada are charged a small fee, and the customer is also expected to pay a few taxes. However, goods above $49 ordered within the United States are shipped for free.

When you purchase a product with SMP, you receive a free manual/guide of how to use it. We must agree that this cannot give you complete training on sewing, but at least it can help you with the basics in case you are a newbie.

The growth of SMP has been quite stable, and it is not a surprise that they have stretched across the country and expanded their market share in sewing equipment and accessories. Sewing Machines Plus also offer sewing classes, and learners are taught essential aspects of sewing. Among the areas on which they offer lessons are: Bargello quilt, designing tablecloths, making bags among others.

Sewing Machines Plus is the place to order your sewing equipment and to get started with the basics as well.