Dyson The World’s Best Vacuums V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum // SV10AN


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Have pets at home? It wouldn’t show at all after using the V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum. Not only does it bring back a lot of the same great features from the V6, it also sports some key enhancements including a more powerful motor, stronger suction power, longer battery life, and an even more effective direct-drive cleaner head. It converts from a stick vacuum into a handheld vacuum, giving you the flexibility to clean your car or do other small jobs where you can’t use a larger vacuum. The hygienic dirt ejector removes dust from the bin in a single, convenient action, and the balanced, lightweight design, weighing only 5lbs, gives you floor-to-ceiling cleaning so you can easily clean stairs, vents, or cobwebs on the ceiling.

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