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Upgrading to a delightfully soft mattress doesn’t have to mean giving up the support firmer mattresses are known for. Choose the Tulo Soft Mattress, and you’ll be able to enjoy sigh-inducing softness while giving your spine and back the stability they need. Best for side sleepers or sleepers who switch from back to side, the Tulo Soft includes a top layer of High Density Coolflow Ventilated Memory Foam, which keeps air moving and maintains a consistent temperature to encourage deep sleep. Beneath the plush, conforming top layer, a layer of Responsive Soft Material minimizes disruptive motion transfer for sleepers who move around a lot at night, while a layer of High Resiliency Foam lends all-night support and stability. Long-term durability comes from a layer of of high-density foam beneath it all, ensuring the Tulo Soft will keep you comfortable for nights and nights to come.

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