LaRosa 3262-SF 62 Two Drawer/One Door Freezer Equipment Stand

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The 3262-SF freezer/equipment stand from LaRosa gives any commercial kitchen a wealth of helpful storage options, as well as a comfortable way to operate appliances for long periods of time. This stand has a surface of 62 W x 31.57 D, which helps it fit a great deal of cumbersome kitchen appliances onto it to free up additional space to help your business expand. This unit also doubles as a great means of preserving produce – with two freezer drawers and a freezer compartment at the base. This unit is practical for saving space and keeping food efficiently frozen. Huge Surface:This stand provides ample room for many common kitchen appliances and equipment such as griddles and slicers 304 Stainless Steel:Toughened Stainless Steel construction makes this unit highly resistant to scratches, food stains, and long wear and tear. This unit was designed to serve dining businesses for long periods of time without ever needing maintenance of replacing – this unit will serve you well for many years Abundance Of Space:As well as the generous countertop, there is also two freezer drawers with two polycarbonate pans inside each, and a separate freezer compartment too Polyurethane Insulation:The walls of this unit are tightly packed with rigid polyurethane foam, which keeps the cold temperatures from spreading out and affecting the temperature of the equipment you have resting on the countertop 6 Legs For Additional Height:Features a set of 6 legs, which are easy to install or remove to provide your equipment with that little extra height for comfortable operation. This unit is also compatible with casters for added mobility (casters not included) Forced-Air Evaporator:Comes fitted with a high-powered evaporator that works co-efficiently with the freezers condenser to create a comprehensive ice cold temperature throughout the drawers and freezer compartment without an untreated areas Defrost Timer:The evaporator also keeps track of the amount of frost and ice building up, for both the interior as a whole and each component, with its defrost timer that prevents damage to components or excess frost build-up Additional Evaporator Features:The high-functioning evaporator also features an expansion valve which keeps the refrigerant pressure at a regular level, and an evaporator heater to prevent itself from freezing

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