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Venetian Mirrors

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Venetian mirrors are crafted in Murano in Italy. These mirrors are completely authentic and designed to protect your investment that when you gaze at it, you will feel amiable to own such a stunning decorative piece of art. Their design is subtle however with complexity, clear glass creating a character and texture to the authentic Murano glass. Venetian beveled glass mirrors framed are framed with distinguished panels of raised translucent white and clear glass on the plain textured silver background. They have an elusive quality of ductility with an elegant look. The mirror is shaped, polished with a hand-etched design on the surface. The pieces are assembled on the wood structure once the glass is endorsed with silver. A consummate style and supreme versatility characterizes a Venetian mirror and creates a perfect accent to your home making it more dazzling with this piece of craft. They are designed to give you a unique fluted aqua Venetian glamor to capture the mystical reflection of light in the room. It lets you tune into your own style of identity and style and get to enjoy the creative décor. If placed in a hallway it creates an exquisite ambient glow. Some mirrors feature a shimmering hand-crafted rosette and glass ribbon to show an incredible attention to design and detail of each trim to create a stunning pattern. They are finely hand-crafted to ensure whatever place of the wall you place it, it will represent a perfect masterpiece of adept craftsmanship. These mirrors will make your living room look more predominant with an alluring sense of touch. Wherever these glass mirrors are used they make the room the shining star. They will assist you in illumination and create a sheer beauty in your home. Decorate your home with a Venetian mirror and get to draw your eyes with a reflective brilliance and create a statement to your home.

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Tips For Creating a Comfortable Living Room

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A comfortable living room should please the eye and its all about creating a sensible room that is both functional and visually stimulating. First and foremost you should focus on the architecture of the room. You’ll never be able to furnish the room properly if the enclose is not right. Circulate the sitting arrangement to make the place more appealing and more inviting. The circulation creates movements, conversational seating, great sight lines and access to the room. To create warmth in every space and add intrigue and personality place a shelf or stack some books in the room. Place some mirrors on the wall to allow reflection of light.

Mirrors add a statement to a living room making the room appear larger. Design your floor with a stunning carpet or a rug to make it more luxurious and comfortable. Add a real sense of elegance in your living room to give off a shimmering reflection. A stunning carpet or rug will transform your room to a more appreciation of fine living standard. Dress your window with curtains, blinds, or draperies to make the room feel more amazing. Dressing your window is very important as it creates and represents ambiance to any living room. Allow entrance of light to create radiance and positive energy to your home. Apart from normal lighting from the windows and the doors, add art lights, chandeliers stylish lamp or any other form of lighting because of its a great additional to the interior design. Adding a right lamp next to a painting creates an instant stupefying mood. Place huge lamps on the sides of a sofa set. Decorative screens add coziness that makes you feel more intimate and protected. Fill your room with an L-shaped sofa set to add comfort. It can also be used as a room divider of the dining and the living room. It’s always important to keep furniture’s away from the walls because it makes the place look more unappealing and crowded.


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Wall Shelves and Bookshelves

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Paint your book shelves with a unified color as your wall to create a unified background. Consider making layers of shelves depending on height and depth as you decorate them. Crystals, glass and silver objects will add sparkle and shine to your arrangements. Place two identical bookshelves on the arched entrance. Sort the books by colors and use a bold color to correspond the bookshelves with a trim. Use drifting shelves to display towels and candles in the room to create a spa-like retreat in your bathroom. Adding a mirror on the back of the shelves will create a visual impression on materials laid on the shelves. Gather decorative objects to add on shelves with a combination of a tall, medium and short type of objects.

Mix different heights to have a welcoming home. You can amalgamate a shelf display depending on the function. Combine you shelves display by arranging objecting according to color shape, theme material or texture. Put your passion to showcase on shelves display. Consider your hobbies and interest including books, art collections, cards, baseball, boomerang collection or trophies to reflect your everyday lives. Show off your collections they deserve pride of place it doesn’t matter what your collection might be. Gather up treasures you love and showcase them on the shelves. You can add natural elements, embellishment or glass door to the front of the shelves to create a refined finish. To add visual interest to your room alternate sizes, colors and orientation. A glass door can unify an eclectic book display. Place books collected from your travels on top of the shelf. When styling your bookshelf think out of the box avoids limiting your collection to the shelves. By varying the book stature or flip-flopping them in horizontal and upright placement they create a sense of recurring regular intervals.

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Light up your living room with a fireplace

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They always say a fireplace is the focal point of a living room, whether it’s used or not. When you enter a room the first thing that draws the eyes is the fireplace. Whether you light the fireplace or not it remains to be the focus that says a lot about your interior design. A well-decorated and well-placed fireplace remains to be the most striking component to any modern living room. It can add an entirely unexampled level of charm, specifically if it is accented with the right pieces and well embellished. To decorate your Living room’s fireplace use a layering effect instead of lining everything that is along the mantle. Place your mirror on the mantle rather than hanging it. Arrange your décor around this piece to create a statement in your room. Use a stylish wallpaper to cover up a fireplace you are no longer using. Line up the inner walls with the choice of your wallpaper. Also, place your favorite wallpaper above the mantle of the fireplace to make your room look more stunning and appealing. Set some well-designed décor on the hearth itself to avoid a fireplace looking all wrong. Set some ceramic gray pebbles on the fireplace. Dried flowers and pine kernels are always appealing. Fake ceramic log, metal sculptures Ceramic fire-filler are able to resist any high temperature caused by the burning fuel.

If you don’t have a fireplace in your home already set, you can use a faux fireplace to create the same effect. The faux replicates and acts as an energy-efficient heater. Electric fireplace heaters are usually best for people living in the small apartment or when you prefer to add a stylish fireplace. The electric fireplace includes light bulb making it more realistic and stimulates the docile smoldering of a fire towards the glowing coal. Its portability allows you to rearrange your room for a better decoration. Conventional fireplaces are often limited to large apartment homes that can concord a living space essential to establish a traditional fireplace. With this type of fireplace, you can have it whether you have a big apartment or not.


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A Classic, Modern Living Room

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Your living room is a place where a lot of social interactions happen, a place for spending time with family, entertaining, watching TV, and enjoying a fireplace. A classic modern style sofa in a contemporary fabric is a great way to start a modern –classic home. You can place Lucite coffee table, colored leather chairs. Most classical rooms are designed with a fireplace to represent the focal point of the house. Elegant and exquisite living room displays a simple and fine décor without appearing garish or brassy. If you are planning to make your living room look like a modern luxurious hotel room, start by organizing the room from the beginning to have an electric style. Make it reach its maximum potential by choosing the right colorful palette, high modern ceiling, mirrors and translucent curtains to create an elegant living room design.

A colorful living room needs functionality and simplicity to make it more exquisite, seem larger, happier and brighter. Add a touch of glamor to your classic room to become more centered on your own hope about your future, preference and inspire your daily activities. To transform a transparent living room you can opt to use a glass divider wall in your room to make it more visually attractive. Classy living room with the present-day edge creates unforgettable spaces. Inspire your room with a cozy yet elegant feel by placing a newly re-imagined space to sanctify and create an elegant look resulting to a royalty-like appeal. Define your room with a good and cheerful lighting to provide beautiful spaciousness and coziness. An effective strategy of lighting will make your home more welcoming. A lamp on side of a sofa and floor lamps are best for overhead fixtures. A classic modern living room with bold features can create an electric feel to your toes. A vibrant mixture is a good combination to make your home comfortable. Choose the right details and decorations when designing a modern living room to make it classic, luxurious luminous and create a welcoming feeling to your family.

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A guide to cleaning the clutter out of your living room

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Sometimes your living home isn’t dirty as it is cluttered. You can have objects lying around, but simply don’t have a place to store them so they quickly accumulate in your room making it more untidy and unappealing even when they are cleaned. The living room is a place to hangout with family and friends, watch TV, pay bills, read magazines, play games and entertain yourself. Therefore you find yourself leaving items unnecessary anywhere.

Make sure you save the vacuum for last by ascertaining that debris shifted towards the sides in the cleaning process will all be sucked up. A vacuum cleaner should never leave some dust back in the air. The probability of this happening is because it may be having a problem, and you might need to consider replacing the bags and filters of your vacuum cleaner. If you really need an item and don’t know when you used it or might use it again. Find a box and place them in the attic or a store because it will appear junk in your room. Whenever you are done with an object always makes sure to put them away. You can digitize documents and photos by uploading them in a safe place. Pack the documents in a safe place e.g. fireproof box the rest that you don’t need, you can stash them away. Digitize music and movies CDs and DVDs. Don’t store them in a tower or a game box, rather rip them off and store them in a flash drive or the computer.

The key to a clean living room is to always clean the clutters consistently. Discard, recycle and remove anything that is trash toys, mails that may have accumulated in during the day on a daily basis. Place them where they belong. Find some trash bags and large boxes to clear out the more stuff you may have in your room. Dust around the living room from top to bottom and left to right. Then clean your coffee table and other main surfaces. Vacuum the area beneath your furniture by rotating the sofa and dusting off the cushions. Evaluate your room every year by dusting off and de-cluttering anything that is out of reach like the ceiling fan. Use a ladder to reach the place and as you do that clean your fireplace.

Follow these guidelines tasks and sure you will be guaranteed that your living room will always be up to par when your family and friends are around. Always learn how to appreciate uncluttered appearance by making your standards hate, kill clutter. The main key to maintaining clutter is to find time to remove the excess, clean, organize and organize again.


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DIY Living Room Decorations

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DIY decoration for the living room can add a nice touch to your living room area. Here are some tips on how to liven up your living room without breaking the bank:

Tip #1: Add a Splash of Color. Add color by using draperies, wall decors, plants, painted furniture, etc. Do-it-yourself framed artwork, such as your own painting, newspaper clipping, family portrait, or even a framed piece of fabric is a cheap way to liven up a plain wall. There are lots of YouTube video tutorials on how to decorate walls using things that you already have. You can use spray paint to color a single chair, making it the focus item in the room. Colored marbles, rocks, potted plants, and slipcovers can make your living room brighter and livelier.

Tip #2: Browse flea markets and yard sales.

There’s a saying that goes: “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure”. Well, it is true with home or apartment decorating. Among the best places to find cheap decor items are yard sales and flea markets. You can buy dirt-cheap, second hand furniture, such couches, bureaus, console tables or coffee tables. If you are lucky, you can even find a vintage item that can serve as the main conversation piece in your place. Apart from garage sales, second-hand shops are also popular for their hard-to-find home decorating items. If they are not in their best shape, you can always update their look using a couple coats of paint or stain. Old couches and chairs can use slipcovers to add a touch of color.

Tip #3: Recycle your old furniture.

Recycling your old furniture can be your best way to update your living area without spending too much. You can revive your old furniture by painting them in matching or contrasting colors. You just have to use your imagination. Rotate your furniture. Transfer your living room console to  your bedroom and use it as our dresser. Edit your bookcase and donate half your books to your local library. Fill the empty space with cheap colored candles, your mug collection, or whatever suits your fancy.


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Maximizing Your Living Room Space

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There are various living room ideas that you can use that allows easy access and great focus while entertaining guests or just simply relaxing on your own. Regardless, it is important to feel relaxed and comfortable in the living room, no matter how big or small it is. But, how do you really maximize a cramped up living room? To help you with this, here are some tips on how to utilize this type of living area to your advantage.

Utilize space. Use every single inch of space you have. Apart from the floor-to-ceiling cabinets, add some cubbies across the walls; install drawers and pull-out organizers and mount your television on the wall to save space.

Designate stations. It is easier to entertain in the living room if you have designated stations for each special activity. Create an area where you have all your books and other reading materials and have a comfy chair to go with them. But if the space is really limited, designate a shelf to hold various materials for hobbies and stuff so you can easily reach them once friends or family come by.

Clear out clutter. Clutter could probably be the worst problem of all homeowners. Nevertheless, clearing out the clutter is one necessary step to make your kitchen look and work at its best. Get rid of the things  that you do not use much, such as the dated CD player or that corner table with a broken leg. You can stash them into your closet (that is, if you have any extra space), or you can give it to your mom or a close friend as a gift. This way, you can always “borrow” it when you ever need it again.

Maximizing your living space is necessary to keep you relaxed at home. It does not matter if the actual area of your home is really small. The important thing is, you know how to use every single inch of it properly.

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Living Room Curtain Ideas

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Curtains can make or break your living room. When choosing window treatments like curtains, there are several factors to consider: fabric, color, length, and if it is custom-made or bought ready made.

The possibilities can be overwhelming when deciding on which curtain to use on your living room windows. To help you with this dilemma, here are some advice from interior decorators:

Fabric. Choosing the right fabric is essential. The material you use on your curtains dictate how well they will hold up to your ideal design. When drawn, curtains made with too heavy fabrics do not fold up crisply; but too light ones do not fall perfectly either.

Color. Colors depend on whether your living room gets too much sunlight or not. The tendency is brightly colored materials will fade faster when there’s a lot of light going through it, so you may want to consider that. The important thing is to choose a color that will blend with the rest of the room.

Length and Lining. Decide on how high your curtains will be. It is advisable to set the curtains higher than the windows to make the room appear taller. Half-foot above the window is the ideal way to do it but you may choose to have it higher if you want to add more drama.

Custom or Ready-made. Custom panels offer limitless options in making your living room look its best. Custom curtains give a tailored look and the size fits to a T. However, custom curtains can be pricey, too. Ready-made curtains might offer limited choices but they are relatively cheaper. But with the right fabric, color and size, you can achieve the tailored, personalized look without the hefty price. Regardless, it is on how you install and present your curtains. Good luck in searching!

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Decorating Your Living Room in a Budget

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Only the rich and famous can get away with insurmountable bills  that come with outrageously-priced furniture and home decor; but unfortunately (or fortunately?), most of us are not like them. We usually have a budget to follow, so even if we have a general redecoration project for our living rooms, we have to stick with it. Here’s a few pointers how to keep your decorating expenses low:

Set a budget. If money sources are limited, you must have a budget set.  Of course, this is the most obvious thing to do.  However, to make it all clear, you must understand that your decorating budget must not consist your whole savings. Allocate a budget, which you can afford and not a single dime more.

Plan your decorating scheme. Determine what you REALLY want to do with your living room. List down the color schemes, patterns that are present in the furniture and fixtures that you consider retaining, and set your mind only to that plan. Do not buy anything that is not included in your shopping list, even if it is on sale. If you do this, it is more likely that you end up with unmatched colors and patterns that may force you to repaint a wall that do not need painting, or buy a new set of curtains, etc. This will eventually end up to additional expenses that are way out of your budget.

Call for help. If you really don’t know what you are doing, then maybe it is time to ask for help. It is pointless to engage in a do-it-yourself decorating project if it will just end into a disaster. You can ask the help of some friends who have more experience in decorating.

Never give up. If you are on a budget, then chances are, it will take more time to finish your decorating project. It might be a little frustrating to want something that you know you can’t have, like that expensive couch or the trendy designer paint; but, you must never give in to your wants. Stick to your budget. It does not matter if it take you months to find bargain items and finish decorating. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of discipline to make your budget decorating plan successful.


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