What Bathroom Faucet Is Right For You?

Apart from the living room, the bathroom is the other room in the house that is frequented the most. Given the amount of time we spend in the bathroom at any given day, it is no wonder that we strive to ensure that we bring our A game when it comes to decor. Bathroom faucets are probably the center of attraction for most bathrooms. Thanks to the headways made in today’s fields of design and technology, one has a wide selection of faucets to choose from.

Before you get trigger happy and start buying and replacing faucets, stop and think about what you want your bathroom to look like. Different faucets will achieve different looks depending on the materials used and the design of the faucets itself. Another thing to keep in mind is the age composition of your home. If you have children, then using faucets with a polished finish may no be the best of ideas. Children are messy by nature. As such you will constantly have to clean up after them. Polished faucets in such an instance only add to the workload due to the water spots that are bound to be left behind.

Your bathroom decor needs to complement that of the rest of the house. One, therefore, has to consider the general theme of the house when looking to change the faucets. If having everything in your house in the same style or theme is a bit of a bore then you could always choose to match the faucets with other things within the bathroom. Using door knobs as a baseline for the materials to be used is a great way to keep things simple yet exciting.

Times are changing and Mother Nature seems to be pushing back against all the pressure put on her. Water scarcity has now become a reality for many places across the globe. It is for this reason that faucet designers are more inclined towards more water conservation friendly designs. For water and energy efficiency, hands free, low flow, lamina flow and self motored faucet styles are best suited.

Lastly, think about how compatible your proposed new faucet is with your current sink. The number of hole in your sink should guide you when choosing a faucet. Widespread mount and center set faucets are best suited for use with a three-hole sink while single-hole faucets work well with single-hole sinks.  Where the faucet does not fit the sink, a sink replacement will be required. Be sure to weigh the financial pros and cons of doing this in order to come to a more informed decision. Visiting a show room is, however, recommended for anyone looking for a more practical example of how any given faucet is likely to look in their bathrooms.

Easy and Affordable Ways You Can Renovate Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are undeniably great. It is that part of the house where all the laid back (and sometimes hot) things happen. The bedroom is where you’ll relax, rest and sleep after a long day, that’s why it’s important to make sure that it has a relaxing and inviting ambiance all the time. Because come on, how are you going to rest or spend some quality bonding time with your loved ones if your room is old-looking, dingy and full of clutter?

Once your personal room loses its appeal then it’s time to overhaul it. Though complete bedroom renovations may cost you a fortune, there are cheaper ways you can do to give it a new and exciting appearance. These things will not require you to demolish anything, all you have to do is do some rearrangements and give things that you already have a fresh spin. Do you want to find out what they are? Then read the following.

  • Clean Your Room
  • Probably the cheapest way to breathe some life into your dull room is to remove all the clutter in it. Throw all the unnecessary stuff and properly organize those that you still need. You can use garbage bags or boxes to sort out your clutter. Take this time as well to figure out the stuff you can recycle or donate to other people. Once you cleaned your room, there will be more space to walk on and rearrange things.
  • Change Your Curtains
  • Another easy and cheap way to give your bedroom a new look is to change your curtains. Yes, even the curtains can help achieve the vibe you are aiming for. You can go for easy-to-partner style such as plain white or you can also go for edgier ones such as velvet and heavily- printed curtains.
  • Use Stick-On Wallpapers
  • Add life to your walls by using wallpapers with stick-on designs. These are great because they can give new colors and textures to your wall without poking a hole in your pocket and making you feel the hassle of putting on traditional wallpapers.
  • Repaint Your Room
  • Sometimes painting your room with a different color is all it takes to make it look fresh and new. If you want to repaint your room, make sure you go for lighter colors as they tend to make the space wider and brighter. Dark colors like black and grey will make your bedroom look smaller, dimmer and quite frankly, depressing.
  • Equip your room with SmartHome technology: You may think it's expensive but it is surprisingly very affordable to have the ability to control almost all of the electronics in your bedroom with just your voice. A sure way to impress any guest.

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Renovation Tips That You Must Try

Whenever you hear the term ‘Home Renovation’ the first thing that probably comes to your mind is how much it will cost to actually complete one, right? Well, that’s totally normal because it really is expensive. Speaking of costly home upgrades, one of the most notoriously pricey parts of the house to overhaul is the kitchen. In fact, it is so expensive that the cost for it usually stands at around $20,000 to $50,000 dollars.

Luckily, there are ways you can renovate your kitchen without having to break the bank. Yes, you read that right. And all you need to do is be resourceful and have a lot of creativity. Are you interested in finding out what they are? Written below are the tips you should try.

  • Have A Master Plan
  • Renovating your kitchen without having a concrete plan on what kind of result you want to see will only end in nothing but disaster. Make sure that before you even start giving your kitchen a makeover, a grand plan has already been laid out. From the materials that you’re going to use, the new arrangement of things in the kitchen and up to all the stuff you’re going to buy afterwards, all of them must be written down beforehand.


  • Repaint The Kitchen
  • One of the easiest and cheapest ways of giving your kitchen a new look is to change the color of its paint. Repainting the walls, cabinets, and even the kitchen table can not only give them a fresh appearance but also hide signs that they are dirty, outdated, and worn down. Experts say that when it comes to choosing colors, it’s best to go for white since they make every look new and clean.


  • Let There Be Light
  • Another way to liven up a dull kitchen is to make the place seem brighter, literally. Add more lights to make the space seem wider and more inviting. Install them in areas that can make other parts of the kitchen pop.


  • Visit Flea Markets
  • If you’re looking to buy kitchen furniture such as chairs, cabinets, and tables then you can check out flea markets, thrift shops, and garage sales for unique finds. Sure, they’re not new but they can complete the aesthetic you’re looking for. And besides, they’re a lot cheaper than buying new ones.

Tips for a Successful Home Remodeling

Remodeling your house comes with great passion. Whether you wanted to change the look of your house or increase the comfort and enjoyment of its ambiance, it is always a good reason to make renovations from time to time. Here are some tips on how to make your house fresh as new.

  • Make a clear plan of what you want – Planning is the hardest part when it comes to renovation so you must know what your house should look like after it’s done. Gather information from catalogs and showrooms that might help you to determine what style is applicable for the remodeling. In this way, you can be able to seek out different options and picture out results so you won’t end up regretting the changes that might cost you time, money, and effort.


  • Stick with light colors – Choosing bright colors for your wall is always the best start. It will allow your home to breathe and have a fresh look. You can create an impression of your mood when you play with different light paints or wall papers. This will represent as the personality of your home and can easily transfer a good combination of style and dimensional appearance.


  • Avoid hoarding too much furniture – You would want to have a cozy nice place to stay with as much as possible so you should avoid putting too much stuff in your remodeled house. Select furniture that fits your lifestyle and considers mixing tones and texture that compliments the whole house. Too much stuff can make it look untidy and you might have problems rearranging them from time to time.


Always ask for help – You might have the idea of what you wanted your house would look like. However, trusting the right person that will make it possible must be considered. Ask for help from those people who understand the nature of giving your house a sense of purpose. The contractors should give emphasis on budget, beauty, and comfort.

Renovation Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Renovating your home can be fun and exciting because you get the chance to personalize your house and create a personality within your interior decorations. You can have the chance to pick the things you wanted for your home and make a plan depending on your lifestyle. However, common mistakes in decorating can seldom be seen. If you are into remodeling, then here are the common mistakes you need to avoid.

  1. Using out of proportion pieces of furniture – We often got carried away with the nice things we wanted to buy for our house, but this should stop. There is some furniture that may often look nice in a store but might end up looking odd inside your house. So always make sure that before you buy things for your house, you should be able to follow the elements and theme that can complement the whole place.
  2. Not considering the space – People mostly create mistakes in home renovations when they tend to forget that size does matter. If you want every part of your house to look cohesive and not overwhelmed by your pieces, you should at least calculate the spacing between them. This will help you get the right materials to avoid crowding spaces.
  3. Not exploring possible options before cashing out – Indeed your house is worth every penny and as much as possible, you would want to give it the best decorations it deserves. However, mistakes happen when you don’t consider other options instead. You might end up buying too expensive stuff or paying too much for a small portion of remodeling.
  4. Ignoring the functionality of an item – Decorating your home need to follow its functionality and people often create mistakes in buying things they don’t really need to have. Again, you might end up spending more on things that you might probably throw or might not use at all. Take your time to determine the purpose of an item before buying them.
  5. Lights are not given an importance – This is one of the most common mistakes homeowners make. Using too much light is same as using less or none at all. Choosing the perfect lighting should make the house completely welcoming because it is important for balance and comfort. The lights are also used as a factor that affects the space of your place.


The Perfect Renovation Process

Planning your home renovation project can be exhausting. As much as possible, you wouldn’t want to waste too much effort, money, and time in the process. So here are the lists of things you need to get started with before working on those complex remodeling.

Make a list of what you want – You must know the function of your house and how it will affect your day-to-day living. Create a sketch of everything that you need to put emphasis on your own idea. There are tons of options you to choose from so you don’t have to limit yourself from designing.

  • Focus on theme of the house
  • Consider the functions of each room
  • Room sizes must be well-organized
  • Never compromise beauty and comfort

Stay with your budget – It is somehow nice to spend money for your house because you know you deserve it. However, you must consider the amount of budget you have before making any commitments. Make a list of things you need and make sure to have an idea of how much a renovation should cost you.

  • Make an achievable design concept
  • Plans must be detailed and accurate
  • Avoid using expensive fittings and fixtures

Setting up complete permits and requirements – Securing your permits and other materials is very important. In this way, you can avoid complications when it comes to the regulations you have to follow. Homeowners are responsible for ensuring that remodeling is completed legally. Here are some parts of the renovation that needs to have permits.

  • Fences
  • Structural Changes
  • Water Heater
  • Total Cost
  • Floor Changes
  • New Windows
  • Plumbing/Electrical

Hire a trusted contractor – Signing up with your contractor should not be taken lightly. Always make sure that the contractors you hire know everything about their job. You can research for trusted contractors or get a recommendation so you won’t have to deal with problems concerning unprofessional behavior towards their project. It is always nice to get to know more about other people’s feedback before entrusting them your home.

Must Try Small Kitchen Decorating Tips Of 2017

Size doesn’t always matter, especially if the kitchen is concerned. Sure enough, larger kitchens are almost always prettier because of all the space you can utilize and beautify. But the thing is, small ones can be just as eye-catching too, you just have to use your creativity. And besides, not everyone lives in a house with a big kitchen.  So, in the spirit of making do with what’s given, the following are some must try decorating tips on how to elevate the look of your small kitchen.

  • Add More Shelves
  • One wise way to maximize the space and also to show off your impressive collection of kitchen-related stuff is to add more shelves. Whether it’s on the upper part of your walls, corners or even right in front of your counter, having shelves can be very helpful. It will make the kitchen look bigger since you can display more stuff in it.


  • Play With White and Black
  • Bright colors such as white can make a space look bigger, darker hues like black on the other hand can make the area smaller. Play with these two to give your kitchen a monochromatic feel. Paint your walls with white to provide the space-expanding illusion. Give the other parts of your kitchen such as the cabinets, shelves, tables and even chairs the modern makeover by painting them with black. By doing this, you will be able to give your small kitchen an exciting chic look.


  • Install Utensil Racks and Other Wall Storage Tools
  • Another cool way you can maximize the space and place your best utensils on display is to put racks on your wall. Yes, it’s very restaurant-like. But it’s a good source of inspiration. Use racks for your utensils like the spatula and ladle. You can also use peg boards and magnets to hang other kitchen workers such as knives, chopping board and etc.

Easy & Fool-Proof Home Decorating Tips You Need To Follow

Home decoration is very important for it plays an important role in establishing your house’s overall aesthetic. Put on the wrong combination of displays and you’ll come off as tacky. Put a design that is not currently trendy and your style will be branded as outdated.  The process of home decorating is actually really fun.  However, a lot of things could still go wrong. If you’re not sure your style can give you great results then don’t worry because that’s what we’re going to be helping you with today.

Written below are some home decorating tips just for you.  They are easy to follow, mostly cheap and are very efficient. They can give your home a quick makeover without poking big holes in your wallet.

  • Shuffle Your Furniture
  • One of the easiest and cheapest (It’s actually free) decorating tips out there is to move your furnishings around to give the space a fresh and new appearance. For example, swap your living room painting with the one that is in your bedroom or in the other parts of the house. You can also do it with your chair, table, mirrors and much more. When it comes to home decoration, even the slightest move can cause the most dramatic change.


  • Make your Very Own Statement Wall
  • The world of art and home decoration is not that different from each other. To give your home décor some edge, you have to show your creativity. Dedicate one vacant wall of your house and use it as your very own canvas. You can hang plates, picture frames, mirrors of various shapes and sizes, artworks and even ornaments. Make sure that wall summarizes the essence of your style. It’s a statement wall and after all, it should be eye-catching and awe-worthy.


  • Paint Your Walls/Floor/Ceiling
  • Another easy and fool-proof way to give your home a quick makeover is to paint an area that can easily be seen by the eyes. Change your wall’s color and match it with the current season. Since it is summer, you can go for warm colors like yellow to represent the sun or cold ones like blue to reflect the ocean. You can also give your floor or your ceiling the same treatment.

Must Try Summer-Themed Home Décor Ideas This 2017

Rich people can go to their summer houses where they can feel the relaxing summer vibes all year long. But for the rest of us who don’t have enough money to have and maintain a second house, matching home decorations with the sunny season is the way to go. Summer is known for its fun, bright and relaxing vibes. The good news is that there is a bunch of ways you can easily give your home the summer makeover without having to completely break the bank. Yes, you read that right. And with that being said, listed below are some of the must try summer-themed home décor ideas for you.

  • Go Green
  • Green is primarily a spring color, but it can work for the summer too. Aside from that, one of its shades named “Greenery” was also declared as 2017’s color of the year. Stay hip and give your home that fun summer feels by implementing lighter shades of green into your home’s interior. Paint your chairs, cabinets or your table with green’s lighter shades such as lime green or yellow green for a fresh and bright look. It is also recommended to use green leaves as table centerpieces rather than flowers, for a fresher and cooler looking environment.


  • Add Light-Colored Canopy To Your Bed & User Wavy Curtains
  • Colors like light yellow and white can add a fresher look in your bedroom. It also makes the space look brighter when the sun comes in. It is also advisable to use white curtains made of light material so, then when the wind brushes in through your open window, they can dance and wave through it. When these two combined can give you that summer beach house bedroom feels you wanted to experience for a long time.


  • Bonfire
  • Summer is not just about beaches and frolicking under the sun, it can also be about night time bonfire as well. Implement a summer camp staple in your home by producing a fire pit in your backyard. It will be perfect for those summer nights where you and your family friends can roast more while trading campfire stories.

Home Decorating Mistakes You Must Avoid

Home decorating is fun. It is a process that allows you to show your creativity and at the same time, your unique sense of style. Interior designers often encourage homeowners to be as personal as possible when it comes to the colors they are going to use and the things they are going to display. And it is for that very reason why home decorating mistakes are always bound to happen.

These decorating mishaps can greatly affect the final look of your home’s interior. That is why it’s better to be aware of what they are so you can avoid making them. Luckily, this article will show you some of the worst home decorating mistakes you can avoid. And with that being said, the following are some of them.

  • Too Many Displays
  • Never go overboard with your accessories and accent displays. Sure, they are a great way of adding depth and making a certain motif look stronger, but they can also work to your disadvantage if you stuff huge mounds of them in one single space.  It will make the room look smaller and crowded.
  • Starting It Without A Solid Plan
  • To get the results you want, you must plan all layout designs for each part of your home before you start doing anything else. People who rush into decorating their own homes without a proper plan will face issues such as going over the budget, buying the wrong stuff and producing tacky results.
  • Using Whatever Color You Want
  • Certain colors can affect the way a room would look like. Painting your walls with a dark color can make the floor area look smaller. Go overly bright and you can hurt someone’s eyes. It is recommended to study how each color can affect the home interior’s aesthetic before you go out to buy some.