Creative Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is one place where you can really let loose (pardon the pun), I mean creatively of course. Normally it's the smallest room in the house so when you decide to do a bathroom makeover it shouldn't be too overly complicated. Unlike some other more private rooms, your bathroom is surprisingly quite public, you can't exactly restrict a guest from using it. This of course does not apply to any bathroom off a bedroom, if your lucky enough to have that.

But let's stay focused on the guest main floor bathroom for this article. When it comes to bathroom remodels, the choices are now seemingly endless. Gone are the days where you had to choose between either a round or squared white porcelain sink. Now you can pretty much find all of your bathroom materials in everything ceramics, to metals, glasses, and stone. Bathtubs are basically whirlpools nowadays, unless you opt for a good old fashion antique look, then you want to go with the tub (you'll need a few people to carry this in as they weigh a ton). Showers can now basically be transformed into mini saunas, with a digital gauge showing you the temperature of your water. And modern day light fixtures look more like abstract art that should be in a museum. All of that being said more simply, you have choices.

Before you fully commit to a certain style or look be sure to do your research. Don't copy one persons idea completely of course, but scour the internet, magazines, local hardware stores for your ideas. Try taking a little from a few different places to come up with something more unique to who you are and what you want.


Rustic Design Ideas

Who doesn't love the old school feeling of a Rustic design home. The ruggedness, the natural beauty, the smell of fresh wood. The log cabin look has certainnly made it;s way into modern day city life, and we love it. If your planning on confprming to the “rustic” look, here are 5 ideas that may help you:

1. Open Floor

Typically, Rustic homes are more open without too much clutter in the living space.

2. Natural Elements

Nature is everything when it comes to the rustic look. You want to Incorporate as many natural materials as you can. Wood (of course), metal, and stone in your interior. A stone fireplace just isn't suggested its a must, also utilize tree branches and trucks as much as possible.

3. Simple Furniture

You want simple shapes and almost damaged furniture. Nothing should be perfectly symmetrical either.

4. Warm Colors

Rust and burnt orange colors compliment the brown rustic look beautifully.

 5. Fabrics

Burlap, linen, cotton and wool are great options. And of course a thick woven blanket or two will add that country texture you so crave.

How to Make Simple Kitchen Curtains

Making your own kitchen curtains is a great hoem DIY project to take on. It's cheap, and allows you to get the exact look you want from your curtains.

It's also pretty easy, as most of the sewing is straight. The windows are often smaller then the rest of the house so the job is quicker and you also don't need to over extend your budget on too much fabric. I'd aim for a nice light cotton, easy to work with and even easier to wash.

Here are some tips to help you along:

1. Measure the height and width of your current curtains. 

2. Decide just how much fabric will actually be needed

3. Prepare your fabric (wash, iron, cut out the needed portions)

4. Sew your new curtains

5. Hang them up, alter if necessary and enjoy the new look!

Master Bathroom – An Escape

When you give a guided tour of your home to do emphasize your master bathroom? If you answered yes don't worry you are not alone. We seem to take pride in glorifying the room where we do our business, I suppose its because we want that to be a place of comfort.

The master bathroom can truly be an oasis form the everyday if done right. You can easily transform it into a tranquil mini spa, a place to sip on a glass of Merlot, sink into the bubbles, listen to some soothing sounds and escape, if even only for a brief time. With all of this in mind a remodel can be just as scary as it is exciting.

What are you looking for in your Master Bath? A theme? Motif? Whatever you do choose, make sure your literally married to it, it needs to be a true reflection of who you are. Once you decide on that then the ideas will just flow as naturally as the waterfall shower you will soon have cascading through your whirlpool bath.

The part of this remodel that will always stand out above the rest will indeed be your shower or bathtub. Do you want style, or do you want it to be practical.  How about a sauna shower with wood benches? A deep singing tub with jets, surrounded by scented candles. Whatever you decide you want, with the right contractor chances are you will get it. Nowadays there are countless products available for your bathroom, in every shape, size or color you can think of. And if its not available and you have the money to spend, just about anything can be custom made. The amazing thing about a custom design is that no one else will have it, and if they ever do, they copied your creative mind.


Aside from all of the obvious, one aspect of the bathroom remodel often overlooked is the ceiling. If a large reason for this transformation is to lay peacefully in your tub then keep in mind you will often be looking up. Try going with something nature related. Plants always add a nice touch of tranquility as well.

Whatever you decide, just be sure it's true to who you are, and you wont regret it.

Bathroom Decor For The Everyday Mom

If you ask me, the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to your bathroom is how easy it is to clean! Yes if you happen to have the luxury of a huge home with your own private bathroom complete with its own sunroof and garden then sure, go crazy cause you can afford it. But for the everyday mom, the bathroom is most likely the most digusting germ infested room in the house. One rule, keep it clean. You also don't want to overcrowd the little counter space you have in there. Stay away from all the ceramics and candles. A few are fine to give it some appeal, but don't overdo it.

I try to give my bathroom a fresh makeover every two or three years. Nothing too wild and certainly not expensive, but just enough for a change.  I think I do this because its the easiet and cheapest room to do a quick overhaul on. I can't exactly change my living room or dining room 5 times a decade. .

The best way to get the biggest change on a small budget is of course by painting. It will completely change the bathroom and make it look clean and new. Once you have that glorious new color on the walls, you need to accessorize with that color. New shower curtains. New towels and hand towels. Again don;t overdo the counter accessories, a few things will help minimize the echo a bathroom can make, but too much and its just clutter. All of these things can be bought on the cheap, but I'd open up my purse a little more when it comes to the shower curtain. You don't want a thin piece of plastic, its worth opting for a nice fabric here, not only will it simply look a million times better but it will also add to aiding in that echo I mentioned earlier.

As for wall decor, again, keep it minimal. Please don't overcrowd your walls with too many bears going potty or kittens wrapped in toilet paper. Use the space wisely. An extra towel rack for the kids, or some decorative shelves to ease the clutter from the counter are two great ideas.

Now, once its all done, draw yourself a bath and enjoy it for those brief 15 minutes before the family gets in there and ransacks it!!


DIY Vintage Bathroom

If you can afford it, going with a vintage bathroom is a must. Your bathroom is your own little self expression to all who enter. The helpless romantic may want to opt for something of the Victorian era, while a fan of rock may choose something from the 5o's or 60's.

When it comes to decorating in vintage style, start by focusing on your key interests or hobbies. Once you have your idea, run with it.

Did the earlier mention of Victorian style catch your eye? If so, you'll absolutely want to start with the curtains, aim for thick, laced, and of course elegant. Surround the bathroom with essential oils and some gorgeous candles, with decorative doilies on the counters. The most important thing to be aware of with this style is layering. And if you really want to get in the spirit of things add a pedestal sink.

With a little research you will find that companies are now reproducing deco items from the 20's and 30's. A reproduction is of course much cheaper then the original. But if you can afford it and want to be real about your vintage style, scope out the original pieces for your bathroom

Be sure to keep the bathroom tile true to the era you've chosen. Again, if money is a n issue here you can by easy stick tiling to cover up the old floor. It's cheap and surprisingly easy to install.

Now if your choosing the latter of my two opening suggestions, Rock and Roll, then I have one word for you, plastic. Plastic was in back then, end I mean everything should be plastic, right down to the shower curtains.

There are obviously many more vintage styles to choose from then what was mentioned here. A great way to get some ideas is to visit some local garage sales or flea markets. Not only may you become inspired but chances are you'll pick a few pieces to get started.

Ideas For Remodeling Small Bathrooms

If your looking to remodel a small bathroom, but can't exactly start knocking down walls to enlarge it, the  you need to set your expectations within limit. Sure there are things you can do to make the space appear bigger, but at the end of the day the measurements won't change. The idea of the bathroom has changed somewhat over the years, its transitioned form a place of simple necessity to its own little private sanctuary. So despite the are you have to work with, your still entitled to a tranquil bathroom that can sometimes be used to get away from the everyday. Here are 5 ideas on how to maximize that tiny space and make it feel a little less claustrophobic.

  • Say bye bye to your bathtub-I know, how can I relax without being able to lay in my bubble bath. Well, many modern showers these days are equipped with much more then a shower head. Some have sauna like steam jets that can give you complete comfort and relaxation without taking up so much space.
  • A Corner Shower-If you already have a shower but no tub, you may want to relocate it into the corner. This can save a lot of space.
  • In Wall Cabinets and Shelves-This of course depends on whats on the other side of those walls.
  • Shelving and Fixtures-There are so many options when it comes to shelving and fixtures. Shop around keeping in mind what you have to work with and I guarantee you will safe a lot of space

Hope this helps. If not, you can always move into a new place with a bigger bathroom!

Wrought Iron Wall Decor

Want a simple way to add style to your home? Wrought iron wall décor is the answer. For centuries mankind has turned to iron as a decorative material. Done right it can be absolutely gorgeous.

It works wonders for both basic homed decor as well as in furniture. You can actually build entire pieces of furniture from wrought iron.

Available in a wide variety,  you can opt for the traditional brown or black finishes, or match it up with your existing decor with a simple coat of paint.

You can mold these pieces into all sorts of shapes and sizes, be artful, creative, let your imagination run wild. If you have a very large space to fill or nice high ceilings, opt for some big pieces as space fillers. Don't neglect your stairwell either, it's a great place to hang some gorgeous iron.

Looking for a simpler way to implement wrought iron into your home's ambiance, go with some delightful candle holders or iron framed mirrors. The possibilities aren't endless, but they're certainly abundant.


Bedroom Decor For the Guest Bedroom

If you have company over for the night, and you have a big enough home featuring a guest bedroom, then you want that room to scream hospitality. It's a room that needs to be universal and unisex, it needs to appeal to just about everyone. Of course priority one here should go to comfort. You will want a very comfortable mattress and make sure it's comfortable. Not too hard, not too soft, but just as Goldie Locks would want it to be, just right. Here are a few other things to consider:


Not every guest bedroom will have its own bathroom, although this is ideal if possible. If you happen to have the money and space then be sure to have plenty of guest robes and towels on hand. along with specialized his/hers toiletries. I realize this may sound an awful lot like a hotel but that's kind of the point.


This is just as important as the comfortable mattress. Obviously the bedding should always be fresh, clean, and smelling like roses. Please be sure to have an extremely comfy comforter as well.

A Touch of Class:

Having a nice fruit basket displayed adds elegance to the room. Some chilled bottled waters or other refreshments always a nice add on. A small but tasteful bar in the corner can also be well received, as your guest may want to indulge in a night cap while reading before turning out the lights.