A Relaxing, Tranquil Home

At the end of a long, exhausting day, most of us just want to be home. We want to relax and unwind with a good book, maybe a glass of wine, and we want to enjoy the sounds of silence.

If you want a home that will give you this sense of tranquility, here are a few tips.

First and foremost you absolutely need comfortable furniture, you certainly can't relax with a metal bar from a couch sticking into your backside. As for your surroundings, you want it to be almost mediation friendly decor. Simple is your friend here. A few soothing pieces neatly placed will suffice. Clutter and untidiness are your worse enemy, most of us can not relax in a cluttered hectic environment.

Finally, you want to utilize nature as much as you possibly can. Natural light just before sunset can put you entirely at peace. Don't keep your blinds closed and shut yourself out from mother nature, even if its raining, snowing or even cloudy. There is a reason we love the sounds of nature, it's relaxing. Don't be shy to add some nice plant life to your home either, but try to stay clear of the plastic green, real plants warm us best.

Transforming A Messy Bookshelf

We all have them in our homes, or had them in this case, a messy, disorganized, sloppy bookshelf. It's an eyesore and can literally ruin a beautiful room. So do yourself a favor, take 30 minutes and follow these few simple guidelines:

-Rearrange hardcover books from tallest to shortest on most of your shelves.

-Lay a few books that are basically to tall for the shelves flat, this will keep the other books in place. ”

-Decorate the spaces with some pottery or photos, but only on a few shelves as not to add more clutter again.

-Make use of baskets or decorative boxes to hide unattractive DVDs or other items just laying there.

-And don;t forget to save a little space in between, unless of course you now buy all of your books online.

Dining Room Choices

The dining room is a very important room in your home. It's where the family should come together for dinner, to discuss one another's day, enjoy each other's company, and of course enjoy good food. Sadly many families these days seem to huddle around the television instead of a nice centerpiece. So you want your dining room to feel as comfortable as possible.

When it comes to your dining room set, your table and chairs that is, it is crucial that they not only serve a mere decorative purpose to your home but are also inviting to your family more then just dinner guests on special occasions.

There are plenty of different styles to choose from regarding dining rooms, so you want to match the flow, style, and comfort of your home. You need to determine how much space you have to work with, and exactly what layout your looking for. As for sizes the three basics are square, rectangular and of course circular. But your options don't end there by any stretch, if your into modern abstract decor then the sky is the limit. As for material, wood or glass seem to be the more popular choices, but again, the choice is yours. So don't make this choice too lightly, you want your family to want to sit at this table, and guests to enjoy themselves as well.


Do It Yourself Bathroom Vanities

When the weekend comes its not time to relax, its time to roll up those sleeves and get to work on home renos. A popular choice is to tackle a new bathroom vanity. If your old one is a little beaten up you can always repair it. It's not that difficult of a job and will certainly give you some much needed bathroom space and storage.

Don't cheap out on the vanity, you want ti to last don't be falling apart inside 6 months. You need durability as well as quality. Make sure the wood you use has been properly especially considering this will be constantly exposed to water. You want a water resistant or proof counter top, ideally of ceramic, granite, glass or marble, this of course depends on your price range. The sink material is also important, and again depends on your price point. Stone is lovely but expensive, you can always go with traditional porcelain or stainless steel. In terms of actual design, the faucet fixtures, and color scheme will pretty much give it its look.

If you fancy yourself handy enough to do it yourself, you will certainly safe some money, but if you're unsure of the plumbing then please hire a pro, as you can cause more damage then good rather quickly. But if you are doing it yourself remember to shut off the main water valve to the bathroom before you even begin, and use a small bucket to drain all the water still in the pipes. From there follow the instructions for your new installation and you should be fine. Its always good to get some help when doing this, we all have a friend or cousin that knows there way around tools, don't be shy to ask for a little help.



Marble Look Without The Marble Price

Who doesn't like the stylish, lavish look of marble in ones home? Unfortunately, we don't all have the necessary budget to get the look of this gorgeous sought after stone. So we have a couple of quick on the cheap alternatives to get that marvelous marble look:

Contact Paper:

You can use a stylish marble contact paper to cover just about any surface you so wish to. It has an easy apply peel-away backing that can stick to just about any surface. You can cover a coffee table or even counter tops. Just avoid any areas where it can get wet.

Peel and Stick Vinyl Floors:

Installing a marble floor can practically bankrupt you, so if you want the look without breaking the bank we suggest peel-and-stick vinyl floor tiles. They are resilient and can be installed over almost any existing flooring. It makes a great DIY project. The average cost of these tiles will tun you anywhere from 0.80 to 1.00/sq. ft.

Counter Height Dining Set

Your furniture can very well give people an insight to who you are. It can act as a representation or even extension of yourself. You want to choose pieces that tell your story. So when it comes to your dining room set, if you feel that you are a little more hip and chic then most, you may want to go with a unorthodox tall dining room set.

The heightened dining table and chairs gives you the feeling of a bistro, a fun loving environment, almost care free. This set is certainly more likely to find its way into the home of a contemporary couple or even a single man or women. It invites more of a party vibe then a traditional family feeling. It's amazing how much a foot or so in extra height can transform one's expectations of a room, or even a person.


Creative Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is one place where you can really let loose (pardon the pun), I mean creatively of course. Normally it's the smallest room in the house so when you decide to do a bathroom makeover it shouldn't be too overly complicated. Unlike some other more private rooms, your bathroom is surprisingly quite public, you can't exactly restrict a guest from using it. This of course does not apply to any bathroom off a bedroom, if your lucky enough to have that.

But let's stay focused on the guest main floor bathroom for this article. When it comes to bathroom remodels, the choices are now seemingly endless. Gone are the days where you had to choose between either a round or squared white porcelain sink. Now you can pretty much find all of your bathroom materials in everything ceramics, to metals, glasses, and stone. Bathtubs are basically whirlpools nowadays, unless you opt for a good old fashion antique look, then you want to go with the tub (you'll need a few people to carry this in as they weigh a ton). Showers can now basically be transformed into mini saunas, with a digital gauge showing you the temperature of your water. And modern day light fixtures look more like abstract art that should be in a museum. All of that being said more simply, you have choices.

Before you fully commit to a certain style or look be sure to do your research. Don't copy one persons idea completely of course, but scour the internet, magazines, local hardware stores for your ideas. Try taking a little from a few different places to come up with something more unique to who you are and what you want.


Rustic Design Ideas

Who doesn't love the old school feeling of a Rustic design home. The ruggedness, the natural beauty, the smell of fresh wood. The log cabin look has certainnly made it;s way into modern day city life, and we love it. If your planning on confprming to the “rustic” look, here are 5 ideas that may help you:

1. Open Floor

Typically, Rustic homes are more open without too much clutter in the living space.

2. Natural Elements

Nature is everything when it comes to the rustic look. You want to Incorporate as many natural materials as you can. Wood (of course), metal, and stone in your interior. A stone fireplace just isn't suggested its a must, also utilize tree branches and trucks as much as possible.

3. Simple Furniture

You want simple shapes and almost damaged furniture. Nothing should be perfectly symmetrical either.

4. Warm Colors

Rust and burnt orange colors compliment the brown rustic look beautifully.

 5. Fabrics

Burlap, linen, cotton and wool are great options. And of course a thick woven blanket or two will add that country texture you so crave.

How to Make Simple Kitchen Curtains

Making your own kitchen curtains is a great hoem DIY project to take on. It's cheap, and allows you to get the exact look you want from your curtains.

It's also pretty easy, as most of the sewing is straight. The windows are often smaller then the rest of the house so the job is quicker and you also don't need to over extend your budget on too much fabric. I'd aim for a nice light cotton, easy to work with and even easier to wash.

Here are some tips to help you along:

1. Measure the height and width of your current curtains. 

2. Decide just how much fabric will actually be needed

3. Prepare your fabric (wash, iron, cut out the needed portions)

4. Sew your new curtains

5. Hang them up, alter if necessary and enjoy the new look!

Master Bathroom – An Escape

When you give a guided tour of your home to do emphasize your master bathroom? If you answered yes don't worry you are not alone. We seem to take pride in glorifying the room where we do our business, I suppose its because we want that to be a place of comfort.

The master bathroom can truly be an oasis form the everyday if done right. You can easily transform it into a tranquil mini spa, a place to sip on a glass of Merlot, sink into the bubbles, listen to some soothing sounds and escape, if even only for a brief time. With all of this in mind a remodel can be just as scary as it is exciting.

What are you looking for in your Master Bath? A theme? Motif? Whatever you do choose, make sure your literally married to it, it needs to be a true reflection of who you are. Once you decide on that then the ideas will just flow as naturally as the waterfall shower you will soon have cascading through your whirlpool bath.

The part of this remodel that will always stand out above the rest will indeed be your shower or bathtub. Do you want style, or do you want it to be practical.  How about a sauna shower with wood benches? A deep singing tub with jets, surrounded by scented candles. Whatever you decide you want, with the right contractor chances are you will get it. Nowadays there are countless products available for your bathroom, in every shape, size or color you can think of. And if its not available and you have the money to spend, just about anything can be custom made. The amazing thing about a custom design is that no one else will have it, and if they ever do, they copied your creative mind.


Aside from all of the obvious, one aspect of the bathroom remodel often overlooked is the ceiling. If a large reason for this transformation is to lay peacefully in your tub then keep in mind you will often be looking up. Try going with something nature related. Plants always add a nice touch of tranquility as well.

Whatever you decide, just be sure it's true to who you are, and you wont regret it.